Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Smile for September (issues)

Ummm..where has the Summer gone? I know we were all starting to whinge about how Hyde Park had gone a bit yellow and the people who have yet to make friends with deoderant on the tube but we didn't mean the gods of weather to take us seriously! Grey, chilly, hints of rain from day to day..if you've already gone on your Summer holiday the depression of endless dark and becoming mole-like again will be looming on the horizon but there is hope!  This is August chaps and that means the September issues of the big glossies will be hitting the shelves any day now. I LOVE this time of year as it means I can start covering up again, wear dark colours 90% of the time and get a bit more experimental with hats, snoods, random appendages made of fur etc.  That's not to say I'm not excited about getting tantastic on my forthcoming holiday but I also have a slightly nauseous feeling that while I'm away, all the best woolies and coats (or rather capes this season) will be snapped up by the fashion vultures.

This year we have Kate Moss gracing her 30th cover for British Vogue which I do think is a tad unoriginal but hey ho.  Vogue weighs in at..drum roll please....1.06kg, features 149 coats and advises us that 'New Minimalism' is the trend for this season.  The best shoot features simple clothes (that still cost more than your rent) topped off with bonkers accessories, which is elegant and rather achievable.  You can up the ante depending how brave you're feeling which works for us all.

Elle features Emily Blunt trailblazing the lace trend which I'm pretty certain was a feature last year so I hope you've held on to all your pieces.  If you have and they were white/ cream and looking a bit grubby; whip the Dylon out and transform them into black or grey to keep on trend.  New born at 0.96kg, it's slightly lighter than Vogue but contains 174 coats and preps us which helpful tips such as, "Capes give you instant fashion authority.  You won't merely walk into a room; you'll fly". Cue superhero soundtrack.

Bazaar matches the 1kg benchmark set by Vogue and has a rather beachy (I think) Giselle on the front with the strap line, 'How I Got My Body Back'.  I would reply...we can follow all your tips to the letter love but I still ain't going to be a hot, curvaceous yet willowy, tanned Brazilian. Here's hoping though. There in fact 2 covers, one, more Autumnal feeling than the other, but see what you think.  Opposing Vogue's lead trend of minimalism, editor Lucy Yeoman's decrees that SEXY IS BACK.  Their Most Wanted list follows this pattern with Dolce's lace dress whilst military coats are sexed up and styled with a variety of granny pants.  The perfect look for a late night trip to Tesco.  Their top tip? Buy leopard..especially leopard shoes..Kurt Geiger has some crackers.

Finally, one for the chaps. GQ weighing in 0.96kg.  I wouldn't normally start salivating over the Autumn edition of a men's mag but this issue features my uber girl crush on the cover Joan Harris from Mad Men aka Christina Hendricks.  Sexy is back big time here as she wears a figure hugging Alexander McQueen red dress with matching lipstick and flashes a bit of pink bra. Minx.  Basically a homage to Jessica Rabbit.  Top tip for the boys? "Do buy shearling even if it goes against everything you ever thought was cool.  Yes, we know your dad wore it.  Yes, we know it feels a bit 70s.  But fashion is by definition, fickle. Go for it!"

Darn right it's fickle but I can't wait to start covering up, wearing tights and sporting coats again. Three cheers for Autumn! xx


  1. can't wait to see the vogue UK issue! kate looks great

  2. mmmm vogue uk is my favourite magazine! can't wait to get that one! and elle uk is always a good read so i'm excited for that too. love this time of year haha.



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