Saturday, 28 August 2010

Caped Crusader

This season's look and how to do it..forget Marc Jacobs, Prada et al THIS is how to rock a cape.  I have left it to some tried and tested experts to show y'all how it's done.  I have also purchased my cape of choice..more in a minute..
The man of steel demonstrating how the cape is suitable for air travel and working an excellent colour combination.


Bit of a cold day in London? Don't worry! The Dark Knight knows a thing or too about accessorising too, check out the beautifully co-ordinated hat (ok helmet) and bats.

Need a cape to take you from Summer to Winter? Just wear a smaller outfit, then layer up as the days get colder!

Not sure the cape can work as evening wear? PAH! The Phantom shows you how it's done. Quivering wench in a boat optional.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right look that can take you from City to country.  Take a tip from Robin and stick with earthy, muted tones.
Finally, ideal for the man or lady about town. Add a deerstalker for extra authority.

After wrestling with the array of choice on offer on the high street (and a quick scan at Net-a-Porter..not possible as holiday to budget for and, ahem, the purchase of proper grown up Winter coat) I decided that my budget could not exceed £100 and that as the cape as an item in itself is so, 'on trend', I wanted it to be classic enough so that I could drag it out time and time again BUT didn't wanted it to be in my default black, or indeed navy blue as have the grown-up coat.  Ideally it would be camel and therefore fit into the colour spectrum of my wardrobe (black, navy, grey, cream, white, the odd striped combo and occasional print).  So as usual, when you go shopping with something very specific in mind, you can't bloody find it!

Hours of pounding the pavement and feeling a combination of disheartened (brought on by the lack of selection) and poverty stricken (shouldn't be tempted to browse in shops the budget disagrees with) I eventually collapsed in a heap and treated myself to a skinny Pret hot chocolate before girding my loins to attempt Topshop Oxford Circus.  It was a Saturday, it was full of muppets elbowing each other out of the way over the last dregs of the sale and this was definitely my last port of call before heading home.  NB. I would normally NEVER shop anywhere near Oxford Street on a Saturday as a red mist descends over my eyes and I debate moving to a desert island where I don't have to speak/ see people ever again but this was my only oppurtunity as have a hellish work week and am then running away to snatch the last dregs of Summer on my last holiday this weekend.

There was NOTHING, nothing except one potential cape in navy blue, (due to it's colour, I wasn't allowed to buy it) and, as my friend Adam pointed out, it had  "aggressive piping".

As I was walking out of the store, I managed to snag my cardigan on a rail and I attempted to unhook myself, cursing furiously, I noticed that hidden in the mist of some trousers with PVC patches was my cape. MINE. It fitted the exact brief, camel, subtle military detailing, utterly perfect.  But it was in the wrong size. Instead of having a nervous breakdown, I did the sensible thing..tried it on just to get a feel for it, PERFECTION! Still too big though.  I pegged it to the Information desk and you could see the expression of their faces sinking as a loped towards them with a manic gleam in my eyes.  No they didn't have anymore, no they didn't know when more would be coming in and they normally could attempt to ring other stores but it was a Saturday and they were too busy.   Grrrrrrrr.

I stomped to the tube and pinged back home in a huff. As I walked through the door, I had an utter brainwave, look on the website!!!  As the page loaded my heart was in my mouth, would it be available online at all? It was AND my size was the only one left available.  I guess the Fashion Gods were helping out a bit then (even if they haven't supplied my wish list yet..I live in hope).  It's meant to arrive in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled if you see a camel caped crusader pounding the streets of might be me.

Can't wait for it to arrive!x

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday everyone!

"Gosh, I hope this comes in my size.."

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