Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Jackie Oh WTF??

Inspiration can be found in many places and in recent times, celebrities have almost become the new models.  Remember that bit in The September Issue when Grace points out that Nuclear Wintour saw that trend coming a mile off? Well congratulations Anna, who apparently also likes Boobs Legsly aka Blake Lively but seriously cannot back the statement which I am just about to relate to y'all. I found this on a rather amusing site called Lainey Gossip

So here’s a quote from Eric Daman, the stylist who works on Gossip Girl. He’s speaking here of Blake Lively, specifically as it relates to her sartorial side:

"She’s not an anorexic bitch, she has tits and an ass. She knows where the hemline needs to hit, what colors she should wear and about draping ... She’s not getting out of cars without panties and she [sic] rather be home making apple pie, not partying in a limo. That’s why Anna [Wintour] likes her. She nailed it [the Vogue covers] and I love being a part of it without having to hold her hand ... [Sarah Jessica Parker] was so instrumental about clothing and the draping and body parts and Blake is the same exact way, but she’s not Carrie and she’s not SJP. Blake is in her 20’s and has a hot body, she’s a teen icon of high fashion and we haven’t really seen something like it, she’s like the Jackie O of her time."


Yay or Nay, readers, I wish to know your thoughts. I''m not saying the girl isn't hot with a cracking pair of pins but Jackie O...really?
Boobs..and a harness, do I need to elaborate on why this is a bad idea?
I like the colour, I think I like the idea..I just think the idea came out wrong..
I was taught that if you can't say something nice, you should think twice about saying anything at all.  Nice tan Blake.
Ok so it's a corset, maybe just a corset with a bit of lace swathed round it, well done for wearing matching pants! Brown shoes?
The commentary from the bods at Go Fug Yourself was too funny to leave out so please find it below..


BLAKE: Am I showing way too much skin?

LEIGHTON: As usual. Boobs OR legs, remember, Blake?

BLAKE: I have the worst time with that.

LEIGHTON: We know. And your dress has an open back.


LEIGHTON: You're beating us about the head and neck with your hotness, when you really ought to just let it hug us tenderly.

BLAKE: I don't know what that means.

LEIGHTON: Stop showing so much skin. For the 10th time.

BLAKE: Your turn.

LEIGHTON: Whatever do you mean?

BLAKE: Uh. Your dress is like way too big for you and you're wearing shoulder pads that give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "don't squeeze the Charmin."

LEIGHTON: What new meaning is that?

BLAKE: I don't know. It was the only toilet paper joke I could think of.

LEIGHTON: Bitch, please, this outfit is directional.
BLAKE: It should have directed you to a tailor. And what about your face? At least my makeup looks awesome.

LEIGHTON: Your hair doesn't.


Thursday, 21 October 2010

For the best dressed bookworms

Piglet and Pooh discussed the merits of the jumpsuit.

When I was at university the subject of my Masters dissertation was on the significance of clothes in the Victorian novel.  Before you doze off..I LOVED doing that because it combined researching my two favourite things in the entire world, books and clothes.  All of you out there reading this may occasionally have come across the view from certain folk that fashion is frivolous, unimportant and shallow.  Yes it can be..but it can also be an art form, a defense (Lily Bart in the House of Mirth), a passport to a better life (Scarlett trying to fool Rhett by wearing a dress made out of curtains) or even your key to a double existence (Orlando). I find inspiration from everything around me so imagine my joy then when I discover this post on Flavorwire, Literature’s 10 Best-Dressed Authors. It got me a'thinking..who are some of the best dressed characters in literature that have inspired you? I'd love to know...

I could have put up any picture of Scarlett but I always adored her ruffled dress
Ben Barnes did not do adequate justice to Oscar Wilde's scintillating anti-hero Dorian Gray but that dapper dandy would always be in my list of inspirations.
Gillian Anderson in the lavish costumes for the most recent adaptations for The House Of Mirth (2000)

Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, Theoni V Aldredge won the Best Costume Design Oscar at the 1974 ceremony and it's easy to see why.
The Montdores (Cedric included) in Nancy's Love in a Cold Climate.
Holly Gollightly because it was love at first read, compounded by the film.  The original novel is actually set in 1940's Manhattan.
Virginia Woolf's remarkable Orlando...
..and a remarkable portrayal by Tilda Swinton.
Lastly, Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome, always seemed to conjure up the perfect Summer holiday and      inspired a love of all things nautical, grey school jumpers, flannel shorts and Peter Pan collared dresses.                          I've never grown out of it!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

‘Easy clothes for difficult women’


Vanessa Bruno’s new store opens tomorrow at 1a Grafton Street, W1, something to get excited about methinks as we have been too long deprived on this side of the Chanel!  Vanessa Bruno is a designer who understands the effortless soft-edged style of the 'new school' of French dressing.  This 'new school' is a welcome breath of fresh air in my opinion.  Some of you may remember my post earlier in the year ranting about 'playing it safe' French style.  Well, Carolyn Asome in The Times backed me up today;

 "After years of dull elegance, French women and labels are shedding their conservatism to embrace a new look.  The greatest disservice that Coco Chanel may have done to her fellow country women was to issue the style mantra: “Elegance is refusal.” She meant this as a refutationof all things superfluous. Her fellow country women took it as a rejection of anything new, quirky or daring. It explains why French women for generations clung ardently to a de facto outfit of trench coat, white shirt, ballet pumps, silk scarf and a safe bag.
Elegant? Sometimes. Boring? Mind-numbingly so. In forsaking experimentation for an out-dated ideal of elegance, French women became, for the most part, a nation of staid dressers. That les femmes Françaises were setting trends avidly was a myth largely propagated by Hollywood and Audrey Hepburn, whose chic ensembles in Paris-set films such as Charade and Funny Face were widely admired....."

Now I will happily go three rounds in the ring with anyone who has a go at Audrey but lets's not forget that the outfits we admired were largely in her wonderful films where she often had the helping hand of Monsieur Givenchy and the rest of us mere mortals could largely only imitate.

 So apparently the French have a new way of doing things and spearheading this movement is Vanessa Bruno, the 43-year-old blonde designer who's clothes are understated and effortlessly stylish..  She describes her clothes as “easy clothes for difficult women”— presumably she means demanding. They have become a byword for the predominantly neutral wardrobe staples of many Parisian hipsters. But don’t underestimate the ability of Bruno’s creations to make a statement.

“There always has to be an edge, but it’s a soft edge,” she says. “It’s not aggressive. It’s important to still retain that sense of femininity.”

Being feminine to Bruno is important. French cover girls, rarely sacrifice feminity on the altar of unflattering trends. “I think that’s surely a French thing,” Bruno says. “British designers do cool and edgy but they aren’t clothes that are necessarily elegant. It’s the way you appropriate an item that really counts.”

Bruno may reveal a little flesh in a top but can add a lace insert so that a décolleté is covered yet subtely revealing. “That’s the key to the way these French girls dress; there’s a bit of that idea of a ‘Chic Parisian’, but it’s not classic in a dusty way. They will break up the tailored silhouette with the unexpected; a top with a hint of sparkle, a sexy shoe, the appeal is all in the suggestion. I’d never consciously design something that was too retro: clothes always need a modern twist.” I couldn't agree more.

1.Clemence Poesy and the Kaiser and 2. Virginie Mouzat, fashion director of Le Figaro
Geraldine Saglio, stylist at French Vogue.
"Hurray, Vanessa Bruno will now be available in LONDON!"

N.B. This below is for my darling friend and little sister who has moved here recently. Miss you!

Monday, 11 October 2010


So I last posted on beauty and this was meant to be a follow on BUT something stopped me in my tracks.  The Chanel show.  It's always nice to have a bit of a day dream on a Monday morning so I have been thinking about which of these outfits I'd choose if Mr Lagerfield gave me an open invitation!  A matter of weeks ago I was at the Grand Palais for Paris Art Fair, it is the most spectacular space and if you've never been there, go and take a look! (Random bit of trivia - the German troops stored their tanks there during the Second World War) It was breathtaking for the Fair, huge amount of fragrant roses everywhere, fountains, multi million pound pieces of art that you could get incredibly close to, from all over the world, almost better than a leading museum because if you had cash (rather alot of cash!) in your pocket, you could buy them!...and then his Karl-ness moved in and upped the ante.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so I'll shut up and let this small selection do the talking (for all the looks go to Again, please let me know which your favourites are!
I love feathers

Tuesday, 5 October 2010 the eye of the Beholder

Kate was pretty certain she'd smudged her lippy in the taxi

BEAUTY, aaah the quest for us all to look on peak form at all times.  It doesn't end with our outer togs but also with our face and bods as well.  Naturally inner beauty is the most important thing but finding the perfect shampoo/ mascara/ lipgloss etc can not only work wonders in the self confidence stakes but having a core group of products that you can rely on can transform flapping about into a swift, fool proof beauty routine.  Illustrated with some pictures by the fabulous Mario Testino.

Today is about fooling everyone..or rather make up! What products could you not live without?

I am going to share the contents of my make up bag with you..starting with the bag itself, Prada black nylon, 16 x 9 x 5 cm

Clinique anti blemish solutions clearing concealer, shade no 1. 
This stuff is wonderful and I have been using it for over ten years.  It used to be called Treat the Spot concealer and I had a minor breakdown when I thought they'd stopped making it but fortunately it was just being repackaged. Pretty heavy duty and ideal for covering up the odd blemish.

YSL Touche Eclat.
Needs no introduction.  The one thing to stop me looking like Dracula's daughter when the dark circles show..or even when they don't. I occasionally swipe it down the middle of my nose too for a little extra coverage.

Nars Bronzer in Laguna ( I also have it in Casino for when I have a bit more colour in my face)
I essentially use this as foundation as it almost matches my skin tone when applied correctly and I'm not a foundation fan. A quick sweep across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, making sure it's properly blended in, keeps me glowing all year round.

Nars Blusher in Orgasm
Beautiful peachy colour,shot through with gold shimmer, looks flattering on everyone. Great for brightening up the face.

Guerlain Terracota Bronzer
I've had this soooo long that the shade I use has rubbed off the back so I can't tell you! It's really moisturising despite being a powder and has an SPF in it, plus it's quite matte so good for the Summer when I use it all over. For the colder months, I occasionally use it a more dramatic blusher than Orgasm as it's a warmer, slightly darker shade.

Mac Waterproof eye-liner in Graph black.
If my make up bag was going up in flames and I had to burn my fingers pulling one thing out, it would be this. It's perfect, it doesn't move.  You can layer it on for extra drama, apply flicks, smudge it and it's in a handy stick not like fiddly liquid. A WONDER product.  I bulk buy it at airports too because I couldn't bare to be without it.

DiorShow Mascara in BlackOut (Waterproof)
Apply exactly the same description as above- an essential, lasts all day, can put on as much or as little as you need.  Also a good one to buy in airports!

Nars Eye shadow in Biarritz
The perfect neutral cream.  Applied with a brush that is meant to be a concealer brush picked up in desperation from a pharmacy in NYC and does the job admirably.

Kiehls Lip Gloss in Golden Berry
Nearly the same colour as my lips when applied with a light swipe and perfect all year round. I am on the hunt for a more sophisticated nude for evening wear though so any suggestions send 'em my way!  I am much more a dramatic eyes than lips girl as you can probably tell.

Mac Pressed Blot Powder in Medium Dark
Not strictly a make up bag item as I transfer it between whatever bag I'm using that day as I HATE having a shiny forehead/ nose and with the blessing of olive skin (easy ability to tan) can come excess shine at times! Available in heaps of shade and perfect, if like me, you are foundation shy. Another absolute essential.

Gemma Ward from French Vogue 2005. This picture freaks me out a little.
The man himself, demonstrating the many uses of eyeliner.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Star Wars style

You know when you have been frantically running around and it all gets a little too much then something happens that just makes you, stop, sigh, reflect and take a couple of well earned moments for yourself? That is how I felt when I saw Gareth Pugh's Spring/ Summer ready to wear for 2011.  It was so clean and calm and space age.

On Wednesday afternoon the fashion pack were invited into Pugh's cyber world - via a digital fashion film presentation, shown in Paris on a giant screen at the Parc de Bercy sports stadium.  Directed by Ruth Hogben and featuring model Kristen McMenamy, a heartbeat style of soundtrack set the scene for the film which went on to introduce the designer’s razor-sharp tailoring with articulated armour-like tops, chiffon capes in chequerboard prints and Samurai-style looks.  There was an animatronic quality with McMenamy being seen to dissolve in a cloud of smoke and reappear in celestial rainbow lights.

“It was very graphic and beautiful using mirror imaging and lots of masterful morphing techniques,” said Vogue’s Harriet Quick.  Tim Blanks from said "What Hogben's film highlighted was the fluidity and movement inherent in Pugh's clothing. A runway could never have done that—nor could the lookbook images that were circulated after the screening."

Fans of Pugh can now watch the film on AND now we can also get in on a piece of the designer’s spring/summer 2011 action as’s shop has launched an exclusive scarf featuring the key monochrome graphic print from the collection.


I must say I think 'ready-to-wear' can be a misnomer in terms of, "could we pull it off the catwalk and start wearing it there and then?" but there were certainly a few pieces that caught my eye. I LOVED the silver dress at the end (last picture) and the fabulous structured jackets...ooh and the all black ensemble as well actually.  As you can see, I've included a couple of pictures of the men's outfits, but frankly if The Boy turned up wearing this I might ask if he'd finally got round to watching the original Star Wars trilogy (how can someone have avoided this?!) and found inspiration from the Imperial Officer's uniform..also could the topknots be a reference to Princess Leia's famous hairdo, juts relocated to the top of the head? Let me know if your thoughts, may the force be with you.  
Compare with picture 10...Grey? tick, structure? tick, asymmetrical jacket? tick.
UPDATE!! Sorry my pictures are all over the place.  I have lost my battle with HTML it seems.  Also this just made me laugh..I have boobs too and I would totally let Karl strap 'em down if he gave me a dress.