Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Erdem 10 out of 10!

There were two sources of inspiration for this post, one being that it was the London Fashion Week show yesterday (more of that in a minute) and secondly, that I read a quote by the designer that made me want to high five the man. Now, I'm not going to wade into the size zero debate, suffice to say that yes I do believe that there are a high proportion of models that are ill and underweight but there are a proportion of models who are genetically predisposed to be tall and skinny and that's life! In an ideal world we would all be healthy, eat our five portions of fruit and veg a day, treat ourselves to the occasional pie and not go to the pub multiple times in a week but most of us mere mortals are fallible and at the end of the day, we all want to look good in what we wear which can be a problem with catwalk clothes as they aren't designed with 'normality' in mind.

"It's one thing to design a size-eight catwalk dress, it's another to make sure that dress will proportionally fit someone who is a size 16"

Yes Mr Erdem! Absolutely! What a skill to be able to produce clothes that a versatile enough to look good on everyone. The interview in The Guardian goes on to say... Unusually for a designer, Erdem's sizes go up to a 16. Does he think other designers are blinkered by not offering bigger sizes? "I don't know, it's not my place to say," he says, ever diplomatic. "It's a great thing when you see a dress you have designed and it works in different ways. It's one thing to design a size eight catwalk dress, it's another to make sure that dress will proportionally fit someone who is a size 16. I think it's great, I'm proud of it." And why should only size-eight women be able to buy beautiful clothes? "Exactly. And who are the women who buy designer clothes? If you're buying a dress for £4,000, chances are you might not be a size-six, 18-year-old girl." 

To the show..by all standards his most beautiful yet.  A radiant palette of colour mixing the stunning prints that he has become so known for with simpler dresses that explored texture. I would even consider the first one as an unconventional wedding dress!  With very many thanks to Vogue and style.com for this smattering of pictures. If you could have just one item, what would it be?


  1. Oh my goodness, I think Erdem has been my absolute fvourite designer for the past 2 and a half years, and this quote makes me love him even more. Don't think there's anything I wouldn't want here, and don't think I could choose a favourite though the green and white dress in the second-to-last full picture is very appealing at the moment. Aaah if only I was a millionaire! xx

  2. Wonderful pics. I adore Erdem. This collection is so beautiful. The outfit in the first pic is my absolute fave.

  3. It's just stunning isn't it?! I LOVE the first one too but also number 7! X

  4. Mmm, one would certainly make a great wedding dress, and I love 7 too. Also a big fan of 3 - love the colours though not sure I could pull off that collar... xx

  5. Bloody love Erdem. Number 6 please - you just can't beat a lace shirt! X


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