Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Blues because I'm back from my jollies, because none of the stuff I asked from the Fashion Gods has arrived yet and also blue..navy blue, my new colour du jour.  Of course I haven't given up on black and will also be embracing camel this coming season but I do think navy blue is where it's at.  My mother has been telling me this for years and (annoyingly) I think she has a point. I should have listened, she's one of the most stylish women I know and a great promoter of 'classic' dressing but if we all started listening to our mothers we'd probably have nothing to fight about and life would be dull!   Less harsh than black, more complexion warming than most shades of grey and chic without being too safe, navy blue is my Autumn/ Winter future.

Mummy is also responsible for finding my new Winter coat..from Hobbs no less, a shop I have previously regarded as peculiar mix of middle class mumsy and occasional 'finds' that never EVER fitted me properly (I find they cut for a rather square, tall shape and when you're a munchkin with hips and boobs there's a definate problem).  Classic, with rather pointed structured shoulders, beautiful buttons and superb finish, this coat will see me through for many a year to come.  It's also the perfect weight..warm for when stomping through autumnal London and Yorkshire but not so heavy that you have to peel it off upon descending to the underground before you start heavy breathing and manouvering around the crowds getting your arms stuck as you wiggle out of it.  I love it and I can't wait for the cold snap that I'm sure is just around the corner.  Here's to the start of a beautiful relationship..and thanks mum!x

If you're near a Hobbs, go and have a look at the coat..it's even more lovely in person! I would never have even wandered in if I hadn't been told and there were a few more pieces that caught my eye like this rather whimsical scarf, however funds were at zero then so I removed myself!

Someone I never expected to put on the blog but really loving this navy dress from VB!

Always on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt dress, this would be perfect to take me from Summer to Autumn..if only I actually owned it.
Aaah Alexa, I do sort of want to brush your hair and tell you to stand up straight but am a big fan of this navy sweater dress.

The only previous example of navy I had in my wardrobe..an array of Breton tops, here's to branching out!

P.S. If you want the perfect winter tights, head to the John Lewis schools section NOW! Most of the small sizes have already gone but I've got some smashers in a wine, grey marl and..of course..navy blue.  Am on the hunt for olive green.  Must cheaper than Wolford and excellent quality!

P.P.S. I know I've just got a new Winter coat but I also NEED a cape in my life..I don't think this is excessive as capes are like..totally different...errrrrm...either way I want one. Greedy, greedy, greeeedy.


  1. Beautiful coat!! I also came to the conclusion that blue was needed in my wardrobe since my coats are exclusively black/white/grey. Desperately hunting for the Topshop cape you showed me, though there is a rather ornate and very pretty one due to be put out by Monsoon... But I too NEED a cape in my life, and a blue one at that. I'm also trying to find a shade of camel that doesn't make me look like the living dead... may have a hit with pale gold! xx


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