Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Dear Fashion Gods...

Dear Fashion Gods,

I am shortly to depart on my Summer holiday and would very much like to get my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe shaping up on my return.  I hope you can appreciate that it's tough saving up for a holiday and for a new wardrobe so I've made the task a bit easier by only allowing myself to request a few key pieces.  I hope that's alright? The only things I will buy are simple long sleeved tees in black/navy/ grey/ white with a variety of necklines for layering. Promise.

I've put a bit of groundwork in and recently purchased some gorgeous high-waisted leather shorts from Topshop that will see me through the Winter months and (to prove their versatility) I wore them with bare legs, brogues and a simple tee on Saturday night and they got admiring glances all around.  I've also made my annual pilgrimage to the John Lewis school uniform section and purchased various colours of wool/ cotton mix tights.

I promise faithfully to re-use my winter coat from last year as it is a timeless, black cocoon number which falls in perfectly with both the ladylike and minimalist trend that approaches. "But there are essentially three coats amongst your requests missy!!", I hear you say.  I can't deny it, but by cunning recessonista thinking, this I justify by saying that you can throw on a coat over pretty much anything and look good to go as oppose to spending lots on skirts, dresses etc.  See my point?

I also solemnly swear to take extra special care of my Vivienne Westwood pirate boots as they add 'POW' to any outfit and must therefore be re-soled and religiously sprayed with waterproof stuff.  I also promise to be more grown-up in general clothes maintenance which will involve getting on first name terms with my dry cleaner, not being so lazy about hand washing (I KNOW a delicates wash in the machine is simply not the same thing) and to invest in a suede brush.

I will not get lured in by sales (see earlier post) and I will SAVE for investment pieces instead of having an accidental high street splurge after a bad day at work. I promise to seal my cashmere in plastic bags to prevent moths attacks and I here fore swear on my Chanel 2.55 that I will be kinder to all my shoes and not wear the same pair, day in, day out, through hail and rain, no matter how much I love them.

Thank you for understanding oh wise sartorial deities, here is my wish list. (Please ask Santa for my postal address).

Love Me xx

P.S.  If I'm only allowed one piece then please can it be the Philip Lim cape or Isabel Marant coat? I'll let you make the call.

Isabel Marant sneakers as seen here at  Garance Dore
a piece by Jade Mellor from her Panthera Leo collection, preferebaly this rather handsome bag clasp.

a Burberry aviator jacket

Yves Saint Laurent leopard-print, cashmere blend scarf 

a pair of Christian Louboutin velvet lace-up flats

Acne Bay print silk blend tee

Boucheron hedgehog ring

Lanvin leather gloves

Miu Miu leopard print dress 

3.1 Philip Lim Merino Wool Cape

Topshop Jamie jeans in worn black

Isabel Marant Bator coat

Long sleeved silk shirt dress from Proenza Schouler

Kurt Geiger Erica shoe 

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