Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summer Lovin'

Adieu mes petits! I will be scampering off on my Summer break to the French Riviera so all will be quiet on the post front for a couple of weeks. I hope the sun stays gloriously shining as it has been for the past few days. See you in September! X

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Breakfast with Wes

Regular readers will know I love all things Wes and now I can play out my fantasy of being in one of his movies by heading to the lovely Fika in Brick Lane. It's had a makeover à la Wes Anderson that will last until the end of August. Sit among Margot Tenenbaum's book collection and some Moonrise Kingdom love letters as you graze on a Tenenbaum's dinner: sliders with goat's cheese, the Beekeeping Society's Chicken, and – one I have yet to try – the Foxy Doughnut, a homemade doughnut with chicken liver pâté and apple inspired by Fantastic Mr Fox! The cocktails are all about playtime. Order The Life Aquatic (dill vodka, elderflower and lemonade) or The Inventory (Cognac, chilli caramel, Absolut vanilla and cotton candy) served in interesting receptacles...If only one could borrow Margot's wardrobe to lounge insouciantly at the bar..

Here's a peek at the menu!x

Thursday, 8 August 2013

September Issues - Harper's Bazaar

Oh we all love the September issues! It's that time of year again when the heavy tomes flood block the letterbox or you rush to your local newsagent to grab it!  There is a trend at the moment for rewarding subscribers (viewed as more loyal than the general public who buy on a whim) with a special cover. When I went to University I saw little point in subscribing as I was travelling about and since I've been in London - I admit it - I've just not got around to it. I will make a concerted effort to subscribe when we EVENTUALLY buy a flat. We've been hunting now for a few months and it's a nightmare, except a dismal post about that in a bit!

But here we are - Harpers's September issues.

Harpers Bazaar US Subscriber version (above) I just love this: the drama, the mirth, the spirit, the geometry. It's clearly SJP and I'd bet my bottom dollar that it's a Philip Treacy headpiece. It annoys me that this isn't the newsstand version as it's my clear favourite and I'd be interested to know your views.

Harper's Bazaar US newsstand version - To be fair, there isn't much WRONG with this but it also looks just like everything else out there, chock full of the same information everyone else alleges to have: better hair, the best pieces for now, price equality, how to look younger. For me, it's blaaah, they could have been much bolder.

Harper's Bazaar UK newsstand version - I feel like we don't get many models on covers these days, apart from Moss who's always trotted out.  There's something fun about seeing a model who might not be THAT known to the younger readers, given that she hasn't worked as extensively in later years as she once did (or at least, I feel like i haven't seen her as much). I certainly think it's a bolder cover than the one across the pond and I love the colour palette and strange angles on the dress.

Harper's Bazaar UK Subscriber version - Again, annoyed that I can't buy this one. I like this alot, the jaunty angle, the slightly masculine tailoring, the fact that there are trainers on the front of a major glossy! Actual affordable Nikes as well! It's clean and crisp and that polo neck immediately makes me think of Winter wear.

Finally, Harper’s Bazaar Australia - This cover is a winner and I LOVE that there are only two cover lines, very rare. The dress is crazy but a great pick for "The Fashion Bible," and ScarJo's serious face is so groovy next to the chaos of her hair; she looks like herself; and the only other cover line is about Karl Lagerfeld. What more do you need?