Friday, 27 June 2014

Let's Talk About Juice

How I feel after too much juice...

Juice. Not just the glass of Tropicana that might adorn your breakfast tray but serious squeezing, pulsing of ANYTHING. The craze that kicked off  across the pond many moons ago is now firmly on our shores and shows no signs of abating. I can barely go on Instagram without someone showing me a picture of the juice they carefully created that very morning. Naturally a while back I decided to up the ante and go on a juice cleanse. I did a five day one from Nosh as I'd a) heard some pretty good things about them and b) when I booked it, they had a special 40% offer otherwise it is a pricey enterprise. Buying a decent juicer plus all the fruit, veg and supplements you might need really adds up..never mind the time. 

Unfortunately the last juice detox was whilst I was on my blog hiatus but fear not, I'm embarking on a slightly less hard-core three day detox next Monday and will document it right here. I've also booked another one in the run up to my wedding. This would be the point to say that I'm not doing it for crazy diet reasons. Whilst losing some weight is a side point, if I was simply eating just fruit and vegetables for three days, no-one would bat an eyelid. It's the fact that it's liquidised that seems to be the eyebrow raiser. For me, it'd more about getting my body on the right track after being a bit excessive in my lifestyle choices recently. It was the same with the previous one that I did directly after Christmas and with Summer approaching,  I can't think of a better reason. Wish me luck! x

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