Monday, 31 October 2011

Two Tims - Halloween Special

“One person's crazyness is another person's reality.” 
Tim Burton

Happy Halloween folks! Maybe not as big over here as it is in the States but still an excuse to get your spook on and dress up as fantastically as you wish. In honour of the most dark of holidays, here a selection of fabulous images Walker did a couple of years ago, inspired and featuring Tim Burton. Such an extraordinary blend of beauty and creativity with Gothic darkness creeping around the sides, I find them an endless source of inspiration. I'm sorry I've been off radar for a couple of weeks, there is a reason that shall be revealed next time.  In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous images! Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

“Any fable or fairytale has some sort of reality in it. That's why I think I love the form of fantasy or fairytale, is that you're able to kind of put things in there and let people sort of, discover their own emotion, discover their own sort of feelings about things. Or make their own lessons from it.' 
--Tim Burton 
At the Movies 
Nov. 17, 2005

To finish, one of my favourite moments of all time from Edward Scissorhands...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I heart Autumn - Part 2

Well, I think Autumn's here least it's not 28 degrees any more! Instead it is mild, with the leaves forming burnished piles in St James Park and me craving to get back to Yorkshire like you wouldn't believe. I reach a point sometimes when I have to run out of the city and fortunately, I'm heading back this weekend, hurray!

When I last did this post I was on a quest for knitwear.  I have to be honest, jumpers have foxed me...I'm still on the hunt AND another confession..I found almost everything I want at Cos..expect the big one, my new Winter it is...

Quite clearly, that's not me in the picture but my gosh, look at that coat.  The gorgeous soft grey colour, the almost shawl like collar, the way it has no fastenings which makes it appear more streamlined, the way that it is formal and yet, casual at the same time.  It has more than a hint of Isabel Marant but I think it's better.  Not just because it's cheaper (although that's an undeniable help!) but because I actually think the quality is better.  The three people I know who own IM coats have all suffered from the same issues..stitching coming away and bobbling. I thought I'd stick with my old favourite and Zara, you've done me proud.

So to Cos. Every Winter I have searched for the perfect jumper dress. Well, thanks to Cos I've found them.  If they had been made in five different colours, I'd probably have bought all of them but as it is, my wallet (and rent money) is weeping a sigh of relief.  This jumper dress is made from soft merino wool and tapers slightly at the hem creating a loose cocoon shape, it's also a wee bit oversized which is perfect for me as I don't really do cling! Available in Cocoa and Grass Green, the darker shade is perfect for everyday with flat mannish brogues and the bright green is smashing on a sunny, crisp day paired with leggings and my leopard French Soles.

I really do have a weak spot for dresses, I think it's because they pretty much always do day to evening, because you can always through them on and boom! You have an outfit. This last one above, a dark charcoal cotton with a boat-neck and leather pockets, t'was love at first sight. Thank you Cos yet again.

Finally, I think I'm going to splash out on some beautiful knitted accessories from Yokoo.  If you haven't discovered her yet, you really must.  This is what I'm leaning towards...

But possibly in Plum, Fig or Taupe....How can anyone resist a cowl scarf called the Snuggler?!  How are your Autumn/ Winter wardrobes progressing? Has anyone found the ultimate jumper or is it just me? What about accessories? Let me know!x