Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Elephants Everywhere

My biggest obsession at the moment is spotting elephants all around London.  When you mention this to people who aren't currently in the capital (and some that are) they can look at you blankly and there look pitiful as they assume you're a few sandwiches short of a picnic.  Basically it's a campaign by to raise awareness of the now endangered Asian elephant.  The event sees over 250 brightly painted life-size elephants located all over central London this summer decorated by a misture of artists and celebs.  Running from May to July 2010, this is London’s biggest outdoor art event on record, isn't that AWESOME! With an estimated audience of 25 million, they're aim is to raise £2 million for the Asian elephant and benefit 20 UK conservation charities.  All the elephants will then come together at the Chelsea Royal Hospital and you can go and see them all for free before the charity auction on the 3rd July.  My current goal is to try and snap as many as possible in their 'natural habitat' before they all descend on Chelsea, here are a few I've got so far!
It should be noted that if you can't quite stretch to buying one of the big uns at the Elephant Auction, you'll probably be able to stretch to a wee one, available at  Selfridges, 80 Regent St, 36 Carnaby St, Greenwich Central Market and the elephant parade online shop! 

 Here's my little one bought for me as a pressie last Friday afternoon when I was being grumpy, he's now brightening up my desk.  Ideas for names please..

I think one reason that I love them so is because they remind me of one of my favourite books when I was little..Elmer the Elephant by David McKee.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Maximus Rantus

I’m not sure that anyone has ever pulled off the maxi-skirt..or even if they have managed to look half decent in it, there’s always been a bit of me thinking that I’d prefer to see their legs, maybe I’m actually a misogynist (pause for thought) but really I do think that firstly maxis look good on the tall leggy type (not stunted and dwarfish like myself) but that is immediately followed up by, if you are genetically blessed in that area, why wouldn’t you have your cracking pins out all the time?

I hate long skirts. I mean really loathe them. They make my flesh creep. Not physically – that would be weird – but psychologically I could get quite worked up. Wearing one in 1911, or 1711, or any of the past 2,990 years when the big news in fashion was that skirts were floor-sweeping, again, I understand. To shroud three-fifths of your body in one when you have the choice not to – that’s got to be contrary.  Also if you are 5 foot, five inches or shorter then really anything floor-length or sometimes even ankle grazing, can just shrink you to Borrower height.  However it has not escaped my notice that for the past few years there has been a creeping maxi-misation in the dress department, especially during the warmer months, even Nicole Richie appears to turn into a sub-species of Mama Cass in maxidresses.  I have yet to own a maxi dress but maybe I should ease myself in gently with a maxi-skirt...

But which one? The new maxi is meant to hang slouchily off the hips – the non-lung-threatening equivalent of a ciggie dangling from your lips, perhaps. It mustn’t be tiered, floaty or reminiscent in any way of Woodstock or your old Geography teacher. It mustn’t make you feel like a surrendered wife. Cheap, clingy fabrics are also bad as they accessorise the bumps thus negating the cover up factor.  Taking these into account, this narrowed the field by about 98 per cent.  After beginning to hyperventilate in Selfridges I remembered I already owned a beautiful black fine knit vintage maxi-skirt, although I’d never worn it as a maxi because to my mind, it worked so much better as a strapless dress so I elbow rammed my way back down into the Tube and home!

Next challenge: what to do with it? (Cue lots of fiddling about in front of the bathroom mirror and turning bedroom into a bombsite).   American Vogue puts them with jackets, shirts – whatever you’d wear with a shorter skirt.  I am unconvinced by this. In reality, anything too formal above the waist looks peculiar and rather 19th century. Keeping it simple – a good T-shirt, a slouchy boyfriend cardigan, a nice belt and some slightly odd sandals to remind everyone that you’re not Nanny McPhee – seems to do the trick.  Also I think accessories are important as my beautiful and incredibly stylish friend Anna taught me (when I refused to wear anything but studs in my ears) a good pair of earrings can transform a look.

Maybe maxis can even be seen as liberating – from fake tans, high heels (long skirts look wrong with most of them), the “Do my legs look like sausages in this?” dilemma…
I can’t see them catching on when you’ve got a serious appointment in the boardroom or a hot date, but Lisa Armstrong at the Times said that they’re perfect, “on those mornings when it’s not quite cold enough to wear thick black tights, but not sufficiently tropical to go bare-legged, the maxi may have something.”  Well dear, I say, don’t wear thick black tights, wear opaque..even leggings! In fact, trousers, to be fair, have the same something, but sometimes you can’t face yet another day in jeans, so go wild and embrace the chino as a Spring/ Summer alternative.

American Vogue, by the way, has tried to give the maxi skirt a swishy modern feel by announcing that the new way with skirts is to wear long during the day, short at night.  This put thoughts of Bucks Fizz into my mind, leaping out of the office after a hard day’s slog and ripping the bottom part of my skirt off to signify partaaaaaay time. No thanks. 

Is it me? I mean I know La Moss can pull of pretty much anything..but I remain convinced that full length is not the best look for anyone..

 The skinny black maxi shirt as favoured by Nicole Ritchie, looking a lot less like Mama Cass than last Summer it must be acknowledged..

 And finally Mary Kate Olsen, giving her own spin on Morticia Adams style. Case closed.