Monday, 4 February 2013

Totally Ducks for J W Anderson

Wow, I'm good at wordplay (see earlier Anderson update for his previous collection). Well, like Arnie, he's back for Topshop Spring Summer and unlike Mossy before him, hasn't lost any of his momentum yet.  His first range back in September was the store’s most successful designer collaboration to date, taking his cool, boyish aesthetic and making it totally accessible and, for my money, Jonathan William Anderson has done it again.

Famed for blurring the gender lines (both his men’s and women’s collections have included frills and tube dresses), this is a man whose fearless approach to androgyny has captured the fashion world’s imagination.

This new collection builds on his design philosophy, with key pieces and details influenced by his main line – a denim kilt, structured ruffles, midi-skirts and fresh, modern incarnations of the trench.

Anderson explains: “The collection puts a twist on basics and reaffirms the silhouette, with a slight element of kink. It’s a lot slicker and more modern than the previous season. It’s about the girl becoming a lot stricter, while keeping the JW Anderson DNA.” A DNA which is brave, pioneering and exactly what modern fashion should be all about.

Launching in stores and on on 15 February, so don't splurge your paychecks just yet! See the full selection here and a few favourites of mine below x



  1. This is most exciting. I still love my bat jumper - but soon it'll be far too warm! Did you get a good amount of wear out of the pleated wool skirt? XX

    1. I did indeedy but I think purchasing the denim version might be a step too far?! x

    2. You could risk straying into B*Witched territory. X

  2. Praying that the PVC mac is not too extortionate!


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