Thursday, 7 February 2013

Barbie and Ken 4 EVA

Yes Valentines Day is a whole load of hokum BUT it's a great opportunity to tell everyone who you love how you feel. True, if that's the only day of the year you do it then there's clearly issues but I send cards to EVERYONE - Mother, friends, little bro and the Boy (obvs). Again, do we all really want flowers, chocolates, a barbershop quartet?? OK, maybe a little bit. If you're going to buy into the whole shebang, I think go all out and the collaboration between the fabulous Real Flower Company and..ahem..Barbie.. have made that possible.

In their own words, "We are so delighted to have been invited to follow in the footsteps of  Dior, Burberry, Commes des Garcons, Channel, Louboutin, Louise Gray and a host of other designers in being asked to create an exclusive design for the iconic Barbie. Our brief was to create a Valentine’s bouquet for Barbie and we hope that we have fulfilled Ken’s wishes that it conveys how he truly feels about her."

Barbie and Ken officially broke up in 2004 after 43 years of bliss together. However, it was Ken’s 50th anniversary celebrations in Paris last year that rekindled their relationship and makes this Valentine’s day a very special one. Ken says “It had to be the ultimate bouquet. I can’t risk losing Barbie again.”  Good luck to them I say and boys, buying flowers is never a bad idea. I'm tempted to buy these for myself.

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