Friday, 18 January 2013

Mad Hatter

I have at least three weddings in the diary already for this year. THREE. That's rather alot and I suspect there are two more in the offing. At traditional English weddings, it's a fabulous excuse to get a hat out and I am reminded how much I enjoy wearing them (or rather hiding underneath them - mine all tend towards the large side) and also the general panic about what to do with the darn things when the dancing starts later in the evening. Smart hats aside - I'm not a huge wearer of them. I have a Topshop bobble hat for chilly days and huge, black furry Cossack hat for when it properly snows. Like today.  I think it makes me look like this...

One of the goodies I received from The Boy recently was the amazing L’Wren Scott Minnie Mouse Ears from Barneys that were a jaw dropping $48 excluding postage. I do love a veil and BOY do I love Disney. I'm thinking of test running these on my birthday party evening and then judging the reaction to see if they could be wedding appropriate..

The other hat that is luring me is this gorgeous little beret with cat ears. It's sold in a variety of colours although black is the only colour I would consider and it would be so stylish and fun in the current cold snap we're having.  Clearly I've developed a thing about ears at the moment..

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