Friday, 4 February 2011


There is a distinctly lesbian vibe to my post today and that's not because the Boy has been bad so I've switched sides, although I do have a healthy amount of girl crushes (Winona, Freja, Penelope Cruz in Volver). It's to do with LOVE. And I do love LOVE.

If you had sat me down a year ago and told me I would have been putting a picture of 'the Beib' on my blog, I would have looked at you in bewilderment and gone, 'who?' Yet here he is.  For the longest time, I legitimately couldn't understand why Justin Bieber would ever be on the cover of this high fashion magazine but then I found out that it was for the cover of the androgyny issue and everything made sense. Because he's pretty androgynous and well, pretty too. And, you know, he looks like a lesbian. At least according to the Tumblr blog Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.  (Yes really.

Master Beiber isn’t the only one covering this issue of Love. Kate Moss and Lea T are also featured on a cover for the magazine. Together. Making out. LOVE.

Transgender model Lea T has gone from backroom assistant to sartorial sensation in just months, appearing in Givenchy's autumn/winter ad campaign, smiling in Italian Vanity Fair and – as a crowning glory – posing naked for the hallowed pages of French Vogue.  But if this Brazilian bombshell is causing such a stir it is perhaps because there is more to her than meets the eye. Lea T was born Leandro and, as well as being a model and a muse, she is an out and proud transsexual.

Lea T, second from the right, in Givenchy's ad campaign for late 2010
 The muse of Riccardo Tisci is the perfect choice for the cover of Love’s androgyny issue, while Kate is a bit of surprise (between you and me I was getting a bit blah about old Mossy) BUT I think it totally works!

I think the Kate cover is a rather fantastic throwback to the beginning stages of her career. The black and white choice of photography, paired with her fresh look and freckled appearance calls to mind her Face cover from years ago.  For the final cover, I love the clever gender play going on, with Kate styled as a man and Lea as a woman, at first glance, I didn't actually recognise either model..which I guess is kind of the point! And that kiss! Golly gosh.

Pretty Boy Biebs is a more tongue-in-cheek pick, and I'd love to know if the pop star was notified that his cover would in fact be for the androgyny issue. I hope the answer is yes, and that he was fair game although it would make me evily chuckle into my tea if it came as a bit of a shock to the wee man. 

There’s no word on how the Bieber/ Love connection was made, but mag EIC Katie Grand did share how she and Lea met for the first time; 

“I was by the pool at the Copacabana Palace Hotel when I saw her. At first I didn’t notice her gender, just that she was wearing Givenchy couture and looked amazing!”

Apparently Grace Jones was at the pool, too, wearing a fabulous hat. I, sadly, was not.

Katie Grand and Lea T at the Love Androgyny launch.


  1. Androgynous love. Perfect post. :) This past year, I have noticed a lot more fashion designers and fashion magazines playing into this look. There is something so clean and simple and yet mysterious about it.

    And yeah I would find it pretty funny if Justin Bieber were clueless to what the issue would be about! :P

  2. Thanks for you lovely comment! I love Love too. Amazing magazine x

  3. This post is fantastic. And yes, it would be hilarious if the Bieb's had no idea he was on the cover of the androgyny issue. My hunch is that he probably had a clue, though...

    Much love!
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  4. Thanks for your comments guys, super appreciated as ever. I was flicking through LOVE again last night and one thing that I really, really appreciate is the massive WEIGHT of the thing. I hate it when you get a flimsy glossy and LOVE never disappoints x


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