Tuesday, 22 February 2011



A birthday for me last weekend and a birthday for this blog! Really this should make me more proactive than usual but instead I have been lazing about admiring my lovely presents and eating quantities of cake!  One of things I particularly like to do when I have oodles of time to myself is to peruse the vast array of blogs out there.  This time, during my travels on the web, I came across something that I'd never seen before.  It's by one of the big players, Ellle (UK magazine).  I am obsessed with magazines be it Elle, Vogue, Wonderland, Dazed, LOVE etc. and having interned at a couple in the Conde Nast stable, I know that not only is The Devil Wears Prada not a million miles from the mark but also that yes, you can't just roll out of bed into the office, you do have to give it a certain amount of thought..and then end up looking like you haven't...obvs.

How super then to be given access to what the bods at Elle are wearing every week. I'm sure the ladies do think a smidge more carefully when they know a camera is going to be on them but I truly don't think that any of them look particularly over-done or try hard.  To me they have provided some sartorial inspiration particularly during this rather wet Fashion Week. Enjoy.

Donna Wallace: ELLE Accessories Editor: Neil Barret jacket, French Connection shirt, Dagmar dress, Cos trousers, APC boots, Laura Lee ring

Emma Sells: ELLEuk.com Fashion/News Editor:All Saints coat, Topshop top, Club Monaco trousers, Russell and Bromley shoes, Jas MB bag, Mawi necklace. Bex Rox bracelet
Alice Watt: ELLEuk.com Fashion Assistant:Alexander Wang jumper, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Burberry belt, Emma Cook boots, New Look rucksack
I LOVE these shorts!
Stacey Duguid: ELLE Executive Fashion Editor: Mui Mui jacket, Vanessa Bruno dress, Prada shoes
Rosa Connell: ELLE Fashion Assistant
Versus boots


  1. your blog is really cool! thanks for finding mine. i'll be back here... :)
    nice feature on the elle uk ladies- their outfits are inspiring- much of it is "my style".

  2. I always love to see what the insiders are wearing. Donna Wallace has a great look!


  3. Thanks guys!
    Style Odessey: It is so inspirational and I love the mixture of high street, designer and a healthy dose of fun!

    Alex: Donna Wallace looks awesome in every picture, so does Emma Sells to be fair..I found it quite hard to choose the pictures as could have easily put them both up again and again!x

  4. You know, I never paid much attention to the Elle UK editors, certainly because the US team gets a lot more coverage but they're pretty (and) cool.

  5. great find!
    i love donna and emma's looks... lewks.


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