Thursday, 4 August 2011

Found it - The Perfect Espadrille

One of my all time favourite movies is To Catch A Thief, the suaveness of Cary Grant, the radiance of Grace Kelly and THE IDEA OF BEING A CAT BURGLAR.  (Hello career change plan).  Obviously I need the right contacts and maybe a palatial pad in the South of France but maybe the key thing would be the right footwear; silent, stylish, comfortable.  Above you see Gary and Grace and she is working the espadrille.  I have been on a quest to find my ideal espadrille for quite fact, about five Summers.

Espadrilles are GUARANTEED to make your legs look like Alexa's. Fact.

All I need is for the sun to come out in London and then I'm good to slip these lovelies on my feet, if not, I'll be waiting until my jollies later this month.  I have been looking for the perfect espadrille for a while and they've either been overpriced, badly made or in garish colours/ patterns.

Tonis espadrilles..just gorgeous
Tonis Got Sole founder Loren Platt named her label after her flamenco dancer grandma, Antonia Viel, who lived in her trusty espadrilles on her days off.  

"Antonia Viel was a spectacular flamenco dancer from Madrid, Spain. Known as Toni to her friends, she danced her way across the globe, mesmerizing her audience with the enchanting movement of her hands, the sound of her castanets and the stamping of her feet.  On her days off she would kick off her stack heel Mary Janes and reach for the comfort of her trusty espadrilles. Hand made in her beloved home country from the softest cotton and raffia thread.

She was in happy feet heaven.

Years later her British born granddaughter Loren wanted to spread the comfort and joy of the authentic Spanish espadrille to her friends in East London and beyond. With the perfect vintage silhouette, hand sewn in a plethora of colours, they are sure to become a spring summer classic, as they have been in Spain for generations" From the Tonis Got Sole website.

Loren's espadrilles – made from soft cotton and raffia, come in a rainbow of colours and are seriously comfy. Find her at Broadway Market School Yard, or pick up a pair at her online store.  Now I just have to decide which colour I want...

And they look great on chaps too!


  1. Love the tie-up ones, and the slip ons... deadly afraid of anything resembling straps around my ankles and the danger of resulting sausage-legs!! xx

  2. I bought To Catch A Thief the other day online, can't wait to receive it! I love Cary and Grace!
    I really like espadrill as well, I'd like to have a slip on pair.
    Personally, I'd get them in navy or black, good luck with picking a colour!;)

  3. Anna - you could NEVER have sausage legs my love.

    Heart in a Cage - It's such a fab movie isn't it? I have ended up getting the black ones with the wedge heel. I wore them yesterday and they were so comfortable plus got three compliments from random people!x

  4. What a cute story behind the espadrilles - I love the colour of yours - they are so comfortable to walk in especially in big cities like London. I just brought back five pairs with me from Spain!


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