Friday, 11 February 2011

Looky Likey

So I know that many fashion bloggers have been expostulating over the lust-inducing item(s) that are a pair of Isabel Marant boots.  They're suede, they're ever so slightly slouchy, they give you that certain je ne sais quoi. They're also super double duper expensive..oh and they're suede which means a little bit vulnerable in British weather even with oodles of protectant and a rubber sole.  There is the Bidou boot...

And my personal favourite, the Forbes boot, which has a slightly Western vibe to it..

So I fell for them and pondered over the purchase. I am all for investment purchases, let me state that right now. My Chanel and Mulberry handbags are prize possessions, my beautiful navy Hobbs coat and my tweed jacket, my beaded Chloe dress that I only wear once in a blue moon because I love it so much I'm actually scared to take it to the dry cleaners, my French Sole pumps. I have no qualms on spending items that will last (physically), are dateless and classic.  These boots tick every category except one, they will not physically go the distance. They will scuff, they will wear out, the soles/ heels will need replacing, they will watermark. I couldn't pay nearly £400 for that.  Ms Bosworth on the other hand, totally can and for once, we see a celebrity who has a pair of favourite boots that she wears all the time despite the gazillions of others in her wardrobe..

This, in fact was at The Kings Speech premiere a couple of weeks ago, I really love that skirt too!
..So I thought, what the heck! I'll go for it, I love them! They look great with everything..apart from maybe that weird pink croquet dress in the second picture across at the top (re-think that look Kate) but I still ain't forking out that amount of dough for them. Fashion Gods, help me out.
..And they did. They may not be an exact replica but my goodness do they look super on and all for the bargain price of £70.  Topshop. You did it again.  Now I just need to find that grey skirt....Happy Friday all X


  1. I noticed these Topshop ones the other day - definitely a good buy! You're right about suede being a risky thing to invest a lot of money in, but I'm a little bit ashamed to say I had to - I have loved these boots for ages, thanks to Kate Bosworth's countless outfits in which they feature as the perfect shoe time and time again!
    Just found your blog through Mommy Style - have been reading loads of your posts this afternoon - really enjoying it! x

  2. I noticed these too but they were sold out in my size. But I want a pair so bad!!!

  3. unfortunately the suede model from la redoute was sold out in my size. but you should look at their homepage- they have a own inspired version of the marant boots. and now is sale on the homepage.


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