Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Oops a daisy!

Spot the, it's not the skinny legs..

Confession time..I STILL haven't done any of my Ebay-ing. Not a single thing. Been rather snowed at work as our events season kicks off and I've also been de-camping to the Boy's at the weekend which is all the way South of the river and by the time I get back on Sunday evenings, it's time for trash television, magazine reading, baths and blog reading! (I know I sound like I'm making excuses by the way...)

I'm cross with myself as I'd sort of made a mental resolution that I wouldn't purchase anything else until I had begun my Ebay-ing mission but there were a few (largely SALES...come on, shopping in the sales doesn't count!!!) purchases that snuck under the radar.  Here we go..

These had to be bought. There is a TOAST very near where I live so it it a hazard walking past anytime but especially when there are mark-downs. Classic tan brogues that were £145 and are now £58. Absolute bargain.
Next up and also from TOAST, are these two incredibly useful basics. The perfect long v-neck cardigan. I wear them as jumper dresses with tights, a silk scarf new brogues...Was £99, now £30!!

This is new season and hence, EXTRA naughty but I can justify this by saying that it's a classic - navy, polka dot, lovely shape. Yes it's sheer but I can slip a camisole under it for work or a plain black bra with a tux jacket and skinnies at night maybe. See, that's two uses already..
The Topshop habit is hard to kick...
Spring is feeling a long way off right now and here in London it has been grey skies and decidedly damp.  Not wet enough to justify me wearing my Hunters or even my lovely Vivienne Westwood ankle boot wellies.  I needed an 'in between' boot. My beautiful Clarks Suede Desert boots cannot be subjected to constant drizzle. The fallibility of suede is one of my biggest moans and another reason why, although I adore the Isabel Marant ankle boots, spending over £300 on something that I can't really wear out much due to our inclement weather is something I can't really justify.  I had seen these little beauties when they were full price  and when I spotted them in the my-wardrobe sale, I knew we were meant to be....
I loved the taupe/ grey colour, the heel height, the way they looked a bit like sexy hiking boots...

And finally, although this isn't a purchase, it really deserves an honourable mention, to my wonderful friend Muddles who brought her back from the Orient as an early birthday present to me. Over-sized, tan and totally unexpected. THANK YOU x
I love her.
UPDATE!! On my last post about wardobes, just to encourage the nosy amongst you, this sight is a GREAT find Go and have a peek!X


  1. Looking forward to seeing you climbing hills in those furry stiletto booties! ELG

  2. Uhmm cheeky new Alexa? Why was I not informed sooner!!

  3. Anonymous; thankyou! I did give them a test run on Clapham Common at the weekend!

    Ddays; she does indeed, though I think she needs to eat a burger or two!

    Al; I KNOW!!!! Totally in love with her, you will meet her soon!x

  4. MMMMM! Toast and Alexa Chung! My favourites!xxxxxx

  5. Love Alexa Chung, thank you for your comment!


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