Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Back to life, back to reality

They kind of look like how I felt my first day back in the office..

So after the dramas of Heathrow (three days trapped there because of the snow!) we had another day in Mumbai before making it to the family home in Calcutta. Seeing the family was bliss but because of all the dramas, we only had three days with them and it was very hard to say goodbye.  I know the world is a much smaller place with sophisticated travel (in theory) and Internet but sometimes places feel very far away, especially when you have people you love there.

From Calcutta we went to Goa, which was utter bliss.  I literally wanted every pore on my body to absorb the sunshine and bring it back to England with me! Fresh fish, strolling on the beach and having some proper time with my parents and brother was a fantastic way to bring in the new year.  Then flying home to Heathrow where the wonderful Boy met me at the airport and we all went back to the Shire together for a few days of English countryside.  We had also planned the first weekend away together so we could have a little Christmas all of our own. We went to the wonderful Holm House in Penarth on the Welsh coast.. a review to follow at some point!

In the meantime, I needed some fashion inspiration to kickstart my way back to work, end my internet detox and generally get back on the radar again and where better to look than Emmanuelle Alt, who has a new job on her might have heard...

 The 45-year-old new editor-in-chief has a personal style characterized by androgynous French cool and her obsessions with "Saturday Night Fever", Michael Jackson, and the 1965-1975 era. Emmanuelle is known for her sharp Parisian style looking effortlessly chic all the time. Emmanuelle's husband, Franck Durand, is the artistic director at Isabel Marant...which must be a help when getting dressed in the morning.

All this being said I can hardly wait to see the April issue of the French Vogue which will be the first under Emmanuelle Alt's hands-on editorial leadership!


  1. Hear hear! This post is a hilarious take on the whole story. I love.

    Hand drawn:
    My Closet in Sketches

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! :D yours is lovely. LOVE emmanuelle alt as a style inspiration too. maybe you can have her in mind for helping to edit your wardrobe :)


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