Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Milly and her wardrobe

Right folks, I know lots of my fellow bloggers have been making New Year's fashion resolutions.  I particularly liked Dead Fleurette's unflinching honesty about what can happen with clothes resolutions and also Miss Moll Cherie's 2011 list.  My first resolution of the New Year is this..a wardrobe cull. A brutal clear-out with the results going to charity shops and Ebay (to fund new purchases).

I'm sure you recognise this one..even without Carrie

I used to have a wardrobe organised in colour, shoes in labelled boxes and all  (ok..most) flats in the rack on my wardrobe door, coats were hung on the wall in the hall.  I still have two accessories bags..one is a large Anya Hindmarch weekend bag that I keep all my wool/ cashmere scarfs/ hats and gloves in and the other is a large Laduree bag which I keep all my silk scarfs in neat rolls.  These are the only two things that are still neat and orderly. I managed an underwear/ tights sort out before Christmas and that gave me a great sense of achievement.  The top two drawers in my chest of drawers, top left now has tights/ socks rolled up on their sides arranged by colour and fabric, the top right has pants rolled into neat curls and bras laid out by colour.

What I can only aspire to....regardless of organisation, I may have to move house first...and win the lottery.
My handbags are still organised, most in dust bags and arranged neatly on a shelf but there the wardrobe and drawers are descending into chaos.  I do still make a point of putting away all the clothes I've taken off at the end of each day into the wardrobe/ laundry/ dry cleaning pile, that's pretty good going right? 

I'd probably look as happy as she does if my wardrobe was in fact a room like Olivia Wilde's.
Essentially I don't mind too much doing the wardrobe cull, it's then summoning the energy to photograph everything and put it on Ebay and THEN you have to post everything off that gets to me.  There's always so many more interesting things to do in the evening or at the weekend but I must do it. Public promise right here, right now, I will do this before the beginning of February. I will also put a link up to the stuff on Ebay to prove that I've done it.  Wish me luck and let me know your fashion resolutions...X

Rachel Zoe..not as glam a closet as I'd thought..
Then you see this lady's..and it's only the shoes you can see in this picture!
A wardrobe that comes with a stepladder..um...and a child.


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  2. wow i want the Mariah Carey one!!!


  3. I need to reorganize my closet. What would really be helpful is to make a more efficient use of vertical space. I would need to dismantle one of the shelves and then use double hanging rods. I have a walk-in but it's narrow. My shoes always are "in the way" no matter where I put them. Then there's the clothes that there's nothing "wrong" with but I don't wear often so they don't need to be taking up hanging space. It's so daunting to figure out what I want to do...

  4. I enjoyed this one, Mil. I would have liked to have seen some men represented, although admittedly I'd wear most of Olivia Wilde's togs anyway.


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