Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Morrocan Marant

So now and then I will expand on the drama of the past few months but one of the absolute highlights has been my week of bliss with the Boy in Marrakesh. We've been there many times as some dear friends have a beautiful villa about ten minutes outside of the centre.  I'm also having a "hot hen" party out there in September which I am getting ridiculously excited about. Our trip deserves a post of it's own but it was obviously still in my mind when I perused the Liberty cardholders sale preview at the weekend. 

Liberty has to be one of my most favourite shops in London and although I loathe sale shopping (largely because of other crazy people elbowing me in the face) I found the store surprisingly quiet. I had actually completely forgotten about the sale and had popped there to buy a wedding present, a very large Diptyque Figuier candle. Of course, once you're in, you can't help having a look around and my eye was caught by the beautiful Isabel Marant Beverly dress. Actually, I'm fibbing - I've liked this dress for a while, it was just complete fate that I saw it in the flesh. Fate and the Fashion Gods helped again when the lovely Sales Assistant Alex told me there was 40% off. WoopppEEE! Then DISASTER. They only had a Large left. Tried it on of course but even though I like over sized clothes on myself, especially when they're a boxy cut, but this was slightly too tent like. There this story would have ended, I trotted home with my candle and went to wedding at the weekend but I couldn't stop thinking about the dress so this morning, I cracked and rang Liberty. Maybe, just maybe, one would have come back in a smaller size. After several attempts trying to get through, I made it and they only went and had a Medium!! It might still be massive but it's winging it's way to me right now and I will report back. Keep your fingers crossed for me! x

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  1. I absolutely love this print and was sorely tempted by the top version myself!! I still attempt to track one down every now and then - my latest saw me trying to point out to La Garconne (who still have it in stock) that they're charging double what everyone else in the entire world is for it. To no avail.
    I love the dress too - perfect for Morocco! I hope the medium works out!

    p.s. Sorry to have missed your post before this one - I hope everything is starting to settle back down. Looking forward to hearing more about your new job too!


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