Friday, 23 May 2014

Missing in Action!

Firstly, if I have any regular readers left, I apologise profusely to you all. Sometimes life grabs hold of you, gives you a good shake and you're left wobbling around like jelly. The past six months..almost to the day..since my last post have been manic with some epic highs and lows, as well as major life events, since we last spoke, I've been to Africa, China and the USA.  
The big bits of news first - on the first weekend of December I was woken up at a very antisocial time of the morning, flown to Venice and was proposed to - I said yes! Secondly, the Boy and I bought our first place together and (after doing a bit of work and dealing with a NIGHTMARE vendor) we finally moved in and lastly, I moved jobs and am now back in the world of fashion. All of this will be expanded on but for now I just wanted to say hi, it's nice to be back! X

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  1. congratulations on your engagement! looking forward to hearing all the bits and bobbles of the last few months...


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