Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Driving a Wedge

Miranda Kerr and Julianne Moore in the Marant Beekket high-tops

Do you ever have those moments when you feel you've lost the plot ever so slightly? That is the feeling I get when I start thinking about wedge trainers.  Are they fugly or are they fine? How often would I actually wear them? Then what on earth would I wear them with?  I saw a very chic lady wearing the Isabel Marant ones at Paris Art Fair last September..OF COURSE it was in Paris and she was wearing them with skinny jeans and a fitted coat and look effortless and...well.. Parisian...but could I carry them off? (If anyone would like to donate a pair of Marant trainers to me so I can try this out, then do please email.)

Thanks to Marant, the hi-top is back. And this time it's got a wedge.  The high street has jumped head first into the act and the 'ultimate sports luxe shoe' is set to continue in popularity.  The reason I think it's popular is because it appeals to lazy people like me who find proper heels too much of a trial.  I've already embraced the high-top and am a fan of the wedge..so why not the wedge trainer?  Elle tells us that the wedge trainer is "perfect for adding edge to a pair of skinnies or a leather skirt teamed with opaque's right now, they'll be just as covetable with a denim mini-dress come Spring."  Well Elle, I think this is true if you have legs like Bambi for for mere mortals you might end up looking like the lesser known eighth dwarf, Stumpy.  Anything that cuts you off at the ankle can be dangerous. Apparently my black Yarra desert boots can fall into the wedge-trainer category and I've banged on ALOT about how wonderful they are but to me..they ain't trainers.

Here is a selection I've pulled...thoughts?x

Navy leather and rubber from Topshop
Nude leather from See by Chloe
Tan suede from Aldo..I'm kind of leaning towards these..if any
Navy suede from Ash

And finally, a selection from Isabel Marant..I can't deny that I do have a penchant for the black ones. Donations welcome.


  1. Oh Emily, I just can't do wedges so wedge trainers are beyond the pale. All wedges make me feel slightly sick.
    I can't tell you how many times I see a lovely pair of shoes in a shop only to turn one of them sideways and have my heart sink at the sight of the previously hidden wedge. The worst is when they are made of that strange gummy/fleshy material that sometimes soles are made of. Know what I mean?
    I don't know the source of this phobia.
    But you go for it!

  2. WOW! Ok..some pretty definite thoughts there my dear!x

  3. I reject the wedge trainer! I think you could get away with them paired with super skinny jeans but I'm not sure how well they'd work with tights...


  4. Totally and utterly agree with you about the tights thing..except maybe knitted black ones with the black Marant ones maaaaaaaaybe?!x

  5. Wow, lots of great options out there. I like the taller, leaner version of the Ash. The Chloe one is adorable too.


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