Monday, 4 April 2011

Kara's Tree, Trainer Girl

Sometimes you have love at first sight. It's rare, like a kick in the gut and you HAVE to have the object of your desire. When THREE such lightening bolts hit you, there really is no hope.  Liberty prints, Quentin Blake and a pair of new shoes for encroaching Spring.  The result being these bad boys..

The gorgeous Kara's Trees Print Blazer Mid Dunks, from the Nike Liberty 2011 Collection. There has been heaps of blogger buzz about them for ages and they were finally launched on Friday.

Quite a few of the shoes' fabrics were themed wonderfully around childrens' books illustrations, whereby illustrators such as Quentin Blake and David McKee were asked to draw something for the Liberty design team to then interpret and be inspired by to come up with fabrics.  They then rendered the original drawings with the resulting fabrics to form a lookbook that is used to sell in the 'concept' of the collection.  I have to admit that this was a surprise to me as I had just assumed that Liberty prints were mainly archive revivals. 

The design team all draw original designs, decide on colour palettes and seem to work independently, only for it to all come together as a collection under the umbrella theme.  The starting point for the S/S 11 collection was David McKee's Mr Benn books and resulting TV show.

My absolute favourite illustrator, Mr Quentin Blake  also kindly gave a drawing to the team and after it had been 'Libertified', he wrote this in reaction... "I've always wanted a pair of socks like that..." Big thanks to Susie Bubble for these "behind the scene" pictures!

The Quentin Blake drawing, also inspired a pattern called 'Kara's Tree' which delicately speckles the trainers with a subtle pointillist leaf pattern that for me, makes them the most unisex pair in the collection... if you look closely, there's supposed to be depictions of fence and pebbles along with trees and I took great delight in finding this on my new trainers.

There are of course other designs and I would recommend checking them all out  before they've all vanished or appear on Ebay for ludicrously inflated sums. In the meantime, I'm happily skipping down the street in my new shoes.  Happy Monday everyone!x


  1. the print is just too cute! very nice with the easy going trainers.. :)


  2. Love these trainers! Wanna have the same..


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