Monday, 12 September 2011

I heart Autumn - Part 1

My heart sings at the prospect of it getting cooler, the beautiful leaves, crisp mornings and excuse to stay in eating mashed potato and watching period dramas. In reality I know that getting up in the dark and leaving work in the dark, lots of rain and the inevitable snowball of busy-ness before Christmas will grate but for now, all I can think about it clothes, woolly tights and snug boots.

Here are my Autumn purchases so far...As an avid collector of French Sole pumps in every colour and pattern, flats were not high on the priority list for me. I already have leopard, black patent quilted, cream quilt with a black toe blah blah blah. Also..when the weather gets really bad, wear my navy blue Hunters and carry flats in my bag to work.  When I saw these though, I couldn't resist..
Standard black in velvet with pom-poms...what's not to love?
This next purchase I am THRILLED over. Regular readers of this blog might remember my post on the phenomenon of the Isabel Marant boot.  Whether you like the Dicker, the Forbes or the Bidou, the same principles in design were there. Beige suede, an almost Cuban heel, slightly slouchy and perfect with an array of outfits.  Well I found ANOTHER perfect pair. Every time I have worn them I have received so many compliments and I didn't have to sell a kidney to get them.  Thank you ASOS.

As anyone who travels on the London Underground knows..layering is key and the perfect t-shirt is hard to find. Topshop has come up trumps this season and if I could, I would bulk buy in multiples. In their Boutique range I bought an over sized black slash-neck with 3/4 length sleeves in a cotton and cashmere mix and a white low v neck.  Lastly I splashed out a crepe, navy v neck tee from Ghost.  Because of the fabric, it has worked well on more formal occasions with some dressy accessories as well as during the day.

This dress is perfect for work and maybe even the weekend too..I loved the fine wool, ever so slightly textured fabric that you can't see in the picture.  The built in Obi belt that you can pull it as tight as you like and the neckline is so elegant.  It came in red too but unsurprisingly..I bought it in black.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect knit..if anyone has found a lovely one in navy, burgundy or grey, please let me know. In the meantime, here are my fantasy purchases....
Acne Twisted Wool sweater
Anders Alpaca waffle knit by Isabel Marant..£345!
Stella McCartney in a stunning blood orange..a snip at  £510
Beautiful navy wool, cocoon cut from Stella again..£520.
Next time..the absolute Autumn/ Winter essential..a new coat! Happy Monday all. x
Magical Autumnal shot by Tim Walker


  1. Ah Milly I too am down right joyous at the prospect of Autumn! You've made me look forward to it even more. (Lets gloss over the dark mornings for now)
    It'll be all cosy knits, re-reading Nigella Christmas, crisp walks, roaring fires, and settling down to Downton Abbey with a glass of port. (I'm an old soul) :)

    Very much looking forward to hearing about your winter coat - I had spied an IRO and a Maje one, but both have let me down, so will be heading to Zara methinks. xx

  2. I cannot wait for Downton!!! Also a new series of Spooks is starting on Sunday as well! Port, roaring fires...such bliss. Heads coat IS Zara!x

  3. I can't wait for the leaves to change. It's always nice when you can wear knits.

  4. I love fall too, but I remember the dark mornings and the rain, but it'll be beautiful until mid november or so! Great buys, the dress is lovely! I always go crazy when it comes to knits. I just got a beautiful burgundy A.P.C wool crewneck, it's just perfect.

  5. Lindsay K - SO true, all those beautiful colours of the trees make me happy..especially on a lovely crisp day!

    Garderoben - APC wool crewneck..I'm heading over to net-a-porter right now!x

  6. Happy Fall to you too! I've been eyeing Acne wool sweaters for what seems like forever...definitely a wish list item.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  7. I love the dress. Perfectly simple. Where is it from? I couldn't see it mentioned in the post.

    The Acne knitwear is always a winner, I really want one of the angora cropped boxy sorts.


  8. Marie- Happy Fall to you my dear. The Acne sweaters are to die for.
    Tash- You're quite right, I neglected to say. It's from ASOS and was about £50 I think. I really love it and it's proven very useful!x


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