Friday, 16 September 2011


Sometimes you read about something that just makes you happy..and as it's Friday I thought I must share it with you.  I wasn't going to update until next week with part 2 of my Autumn purchases blog but along with clothes (and food!), books are the one of the things that make me happiest.  The Guardian is launching its six-week autumn books season with a book swap by distributing 15,000 titles in various public locations around the country this weekend.  What a super idea!!

Thousands of books were gathered from publishers and authors and will be left where readers are likely to chance upon them, from stations and coffee shops to galleries and museums. Participants are asked to insert a bookplate sticker into the front of their book, write a message for the finder, then leave the book somewhere it will be picked up.

And not a million miles away in concept, World Book Night have finally released their top 10 titles. Did your choice make the cut? The Life of Pi made it into the top 100 (a book I've been reading to read for aaaages) as well as Neil Gaiman's Coraline and some absolute classics like The Great Gatsby, Cold Comfort Farm and Great Expectations to name but a few.

Get involved! Also do let me know some of your favourite books..a handful of mine are listed in the right hand column.  Have a lovely weekend!X

UPDATE: Here is the map for the bookswap so you can find them!
All illustrations by the fabulous Quentin favourite illustrator.

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