Tuesday, 5 October 2010

..in the eye of the Beholder

Kate was pretty certain she'd smudged her lippy in the taxi

BEAUTY, aaah the quest for us all to look on peak form at all times.  It doesn't end with our outer togs but also with our face and bods as well.  Naturally inner beauty is the most important thing but finding the perfect shampoo/ mascara/ lipgloss etc can not only work wonders in the self confidence stakes but having a core group of products that you can rely on can transform flapping about into a swift, fool proof beauty routine.  Illustrated with some pictures by the fabulous Mario Testino.

Today is about fooling everyone..or rather make up! What products could you not live without?

I am going to share the contents of my make up bag with you..starting with the bag itself, Prada black nylon, 16 x 9 x 5 cm

Clinique anti blemish solutions clearing concealer, shade no 1. 
This stuff is wonderful and I have been using it for over ten years.  It used to be called Treat the Spot concealer and I had a minor breakdown when I thought they'd stopped making it but fortunately it was just being repackaged. Pretty heavy duty and ideal for covering up the odd blemish.

YSL Touche Eclat.
Needs no introduction.  The one thing to stop me looking like Dracula's daughter when the dark circles show..or even when they don't. I occasionally swipe it down the middle of my nose too for a little extra coverage.

Nars Bronzer in Laguna ( I also have it in Casino for when I have a bit more colour in my face)
I essentially use this as foundation as it almost matches my skin tone when applied correctly and I'm not a foundation fan. A quick sweep across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, making sure it's properly blended in, keeps me glowing all year round.

Nars Blusher in Orgasm
Beautiful peachy colour,shot through with gold shimmer, looks flattering on everyone. Great for brightening up the face.

Guerlain Terracota Bronzer
I've had this soooo long that the shade I use has rubbed off the back so I can't tell you! It's really moisturising despite being a powder and has an SPF in it, plus it's quite matte so good for the Summer when I use it all over. For the colder months, I occasionally use it a more dramatic blusher than Orgasm as it's a warmer, slightly darker shade.

Mac Waterproof eye-liner in Graph black.
If my make up bag was going up in flames and I had to burn my fingers pulling one thing out, it would be this. It's perfect, it doesn't move.  You can layer it on for extra drama, apply flicks, smudge it and it's in a handy stick not like fiddly liquid. A WONDER product.  I bulk buy it at airports too because I couldn't bare to be without it.

DiorShow Mascara in BlackOut (Waterproof)
Apply exactly the same description as above- an essential, lasts all day, can put on as much or as little as you need.  Also a good one to buy in airports!

Nars Eye shadow in Biarritz
The perfect neutral cream.  Applied with a brush that is meant to be a concealer brush picked up in desperation from a pharmacy in NYC and does the job admirably.

Kiehls Lip Gloss in Golden Berry
Nearly the same colour as my lips when applied with a light swipe and perfect all year round. I am on the hunt for a more sophisticated nude for evening wear though so any suggestions send 'em my way!  I am much more a dramatic eyes than lips girl as you can probably tell.

Mac Pressed Blot Powder in Medium Dark
Not strictly a make up bag item as I transfer it between whatever bag I'm using that day as I HATE having a shiny forehead/ nose and with the blessing of olive skin (easy ability to tan) can come excess shine at times! Available in heaps of shade and perfect, if like me, you are foundation shy. Another absolute essential.

Gemma Ward from French Vogue 2005. This picture freaks me out a little.
The man himself, demonstrating the many uses of eyeliner.

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