Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Summer Loving

Any excuse to work a Grease number into a post is surely the start of a good day.  Aaaah, how we have enjoyed the London Season and we are swiftly sliding into holiday territory where everyone buggers off from the capital and pegs it as fast as possible to glamorous retreats near and far.  I myself will be absent for most of August spending a week or so without technology in Cyprus (major tan-age, eating, swimming, more tanning, hanging with the Boy) then to Biarritz avec ma famille et mes amies; slightly more stressful possibly but still, clearly, NOT work and therefore bags of fun even if it chucks it down.  Following that I will follow the Boy to Paris where he does Paris Art Fair and I attempt to break into the couture shows.  Without wishing to wish my jollies away, I am starting to get very, very excited about the prospect of Autumn/ Winter- tights, gloves, fabulous coats, I just find fashion in the cooler weather easier to get to grips with, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

This post was meant to be about now, the Summer, the heat, NOT getting excited over the forthcoming cold and rain.  Here are some things to get hot under the collar about...

Judith Leiber (her of sparkly bags fan..remember that SATC episode where Big buys Carrie one? Or the gross cupcake one that is in the first movie?) is coming to Dover Street Market.

Christies is holding an auction of vintage Hermes bags. Drool.

If you haven't got there yet- Selfridges' pop-up shop curated by creative director Alannah Weston, Elle Deco Editor Michelle Ogundehin and Paul Smith selling 'forever favourites' like Burberry trench coats and Levi's 501s? Plus 'well-loved' books and Hermes scarves? Sounds like the retail version of those 'top 20 fashion classics' articles we always relish and the shop of my dreams.  It truly is.

The Film Four Summer Screen at Somerset House. Go see the premiere of the new Cruise/ Diaz film, 'Knight and Day' which looks like a right giggle, ooze chic and geekiness in Woody Allen's 'Manhatten' or grab a Minnelli moment from the classic 'Caberet'.

Too hot to handle? You need sweets in the city, the best of those being ice cream! Yeah so fro-yo is great and doesn't have that much fat in but engage your tongue in some good old fashioned gelato! Covent Garden favourite Scoop opened up on Brewer Street this summer and was swiftly joined by Gelupo, Bocca di Lupo’s sweeter sister. We love the gelato stuffed cannolis and twisted take on ice-cream sandwiches in brioche buns. Then there’s Dri Dri, the brand new Portobello parlour opened by a Harvard Business alum, with the chicest cone-clad door mistress we’ve ever seen (now that’s good marketing sense). Flavours include Biscotto (cookies and cream), Nocciola (hazelnut) and Stracciatella (chocolate chip), with ingredients sourced from the finest suppliers and containing less fat than your bog-standard 99er.

And finally..now you have your Hermes bag, your outfit from Selfridges, you're in the mood for romance and maybe have a bit of a tan from sitting outside at the Summer Screen and you're full of gelato..you need a cocktail.  Head to the bar with no name.  Ashamedly, I had never been to this place that is in my hood and couldn't believe that such a gem lurked under my nose.  With its team of lab coat-clad bartenders this Islington hideaway seamlessly combines old-school charm (‘30s jazz, faultless service, the odd bow tie) with a full lab upstairs. Take the apple garnish that’s magically infused with the scent of hay, the Martini stirred with ‘dry essence’ or the tequila-based Gonzales with ‘honey water tuberose hydrosol’.  Just what you need on a hot Summer night.

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  1. Aaah, I watched Grease over the weekend - perfect for lazy summer afternoons with the doors open and summer breeze (or noxious fumes) wafting in. I'm currently throwing tantrums over your August plans, provoked by the fact I'm going NOWHERE! Anna x


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