Friday, 2 July 2010

Let's hear it for the boys!

Menswear very rarely gets me excited but how refreshing it is to witness the new D&G ads when we've been BOMBARDED by those bikini bitches from H & M over recent months.  Now I'm sure any male readers to my blog have welcomed the fact that there have been long limbed, honey skinned, itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini wearers plastered all over the tube, buses etc but frankly, it was starting to get to me.  Three cheers then for these lovely lads that nearly made me walk into a post-box on the way to work the other day!  Being truthful, I don't actually go for the muscle bound type but hey, it's nice to see some male flesh on display for once.



    more d&g eye candy ;)

  2. I am no longer heterosexual. Good grief.


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