Thursday, 8 July 2010

Get Mad (Men), Get Even!

How many times have wished that you had a drinks cupboard in your office? That your boss looked like Roger Sterling? That it was totally acceptable to go for a five course lunch with booze in the middle of the day and then nap on your office sofa afterwards? OK so largely, I admit these perks are for the chaps in my favourite TV show but the women can have it pretty sweet too on occasion. I cannot wait for the next series to launch over here but to celebrate that fact that it airs in the States on July 25th, a rather natty little gadget has been created that can help you oodle the hours away until it gets here; Mad Men Yourself.

Whether you want to be a shapely Joan, a blond Betty, a dapper Don and suited and booted Pete Campbell..or..and this is the best bit...put yourself in the totally can!!I largely chose to accessorize with a cigarette and cocktails, but there are heaps of dresses, jewellery, hair styles, even eyebrow shapes.  A dangerous thing to start playing on when one is meant to be working.  I better get back to my filing before Mr Draper notices...

Maybe you're waiting in a hotel room for an illicit affair...
 Remember that fantastic scene where Betty comes out onto the lawn with a cigarette in her mouth and her boy's BB gun? But hasn't she been a bit annoying recently..Not a problem..

And sometimes you just want to be one of the gang..

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