Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Just a rascal, a quizee rascal (sorry)

Yes, I hold my hand up, as well as shoes, bags, dresses and heavy, glossy monthly magazines..I also have a weakness for a bit of competitive good fun. My two local pub quizzes are a fantastic way to spend the evening and also win a free dinner or a bit of cash depending on the pub. Now the fashion set are jumping on the bandwagon too after Vogue staged it's first pub quiz last night at the Bag and Bottle, requisitioned by Anya Hindmarch for the week...Doubt anyone was eating pork scratchings at theirs though..

See the questions here. Good Luck!xx

P.S. Richard E. Grant was the quiz-meister, sigh..I probably wouldn't have been concentrating on the questions.

NEWS JUST IN! Apparently it's open to the public, click here for the link to the Vogue blog for details. Apparently they did have pork scratchings!

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