Monday, 11 November 2013


We are ALL absolutely glued to our phones. Glued to them. You might even be reading this on your phone. But, I often forget my iPhone charger especially if I'm running around like a headless chicken for work (99% of the time). If I've got a long train journey, by the time I've read Buzzfeed, the Vogue website and all the blogs I follow and finished playing around on Pinterest I've run out of battery and probably not responded to the oh so important work emails.

I want a Mighty Purse so much. As well as looking rather splendid, it'll charge my mobile phone. It would even charge my iPad (other tablet models are available) if I had one. Basically, it's a snazzy clutchbag!

It works with a USB adapter, so you just need to charge your purse before you use it. It's compatible with smartphones and tablets and you'll get two phone charges per Mighty Purse charge. I'm guessing that will equate to one tablet charge. And it only weighs 200 grams. Basically: it's a lifesaver on a train to Edinburgh when you realise you've left your iPad charger at home and want to watch the rest of Party of Five season 1.

Given the apparent witchcraft and wizardry involved this gem, I thought they'd have a higher price tag than £84.99. Now that's a lot for a purse (even a real leather one not horrid plastic), but portable chargers are bigger, clunkier, less useful and not actually that much cheaper. And they certainly don't come in lovely yellow and pink leather.

The Mighty Purse is sold out on their website (there's a waiting list and I'm on it), and Amazon have run out as well. BUT! All is not lost! Firebox have some in. Not for long, though. These are going to sell out pretty quickly and then everyone can carry on watching Party of Five/ West Wing. Downton on long train journeys and be very happy indeed. You might even do some work.

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