Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Katniss Couture

OK pre the craze of it being "acceptable" to read children's and teenage fiction, I'm sure people would have laughed at me for reading The Hunger Games books but as someone who has always had a great love of literature in all its forms, I would have refused to have been cowed by their prejudice. I can happily say that I enjoy fiction across the spectrum - from Tolstoy to Tolkein, Meyer to Nietzsche, Dickens and Rowling to name but a few. However, I did raise my eyebrows when I heard that Net-a-Porter will not only stock the official Lucas Hugh training gear from Catching Fire (the second part of the trilogy - keep up!)but will also host costume designer Trish Summerville's exclusive Hunger Games inspired collection, too.

Comprising of 19 ready-to-wear pieces, Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville features a metallic laser-cut dress, leather bomber jacket, silk and leather jumpsuit, slogan tees and jewellery with arrow detailing.  Launching on November 21, in time for the film's worldwide release on November 22, Hunger Games fans can snap up Katniss inspired couture (see what I did there?!) from a mere £60
Select pieces from Net-A-Porter's Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville collection

Fashion director of Net-A-Porter, Holli Rogers, recalls that the team "jumped at the chance" to work with Lionsgate and Summerville: "Our customers take their style cues from myriad sources, from the latest runway shows and street trends to TV and film.
"Fashion plays an important role in The Hunger Games series and is especially prevalent in Catching Fire, and fans of the franchise will see the film reference in the collection."

Crowned Costume Designer of the Year at the 10th annual Style Awards, Summerville is no stranger to a high street collaboration. Swedish retailer H&M teamed up with her in the winter of 2011 to create a capsule collection inspired by the fantastic Lisbeth Salander, she of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Summerville also bagged herself the Costumer Designer's Guild Award for her work on director David Fincher's 2011 film so thoughts dear readers..Will you be embracing this trend or do you save your embraces for the lovely Liam Hemsworth who has a much more pivotal role in the story this time round....

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