Monday, 30 September 2013

Marant for Huh and Muh

Yes, it's going to be a total bun fight. Yes you should probably start camping outside. Yes, you'll probably get a sharp, fashionista elbow to the face but get ready because it's nearly here - Isabel Marant for H&M. From a first look at the pictures over at Vogue, the collection does not disappoint although I will be interested in the quality of the pieces, previous collections (I'm talking about YOU Margiela) have really disappointed in that area.  'I am creating something real, that women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian,' Ms Marant said in a statement when the collaboration was first announced.
WANT - of course it's one of the most expensive pieces!

In the lookbook, I for one was very pleased to see the beautiful face of  Alek Wek again - a model who has been less on the scene of late.  Accompanied by Lou Doillon, Milla Jovovich and Constance Jablonski the models lounge in pieces that echo Marant's Parisian bohemian aesthetic perfectly. An embellished trophy jacket is worn with leather cropped trousers; a loose peasant top with printed jeans; and mannish outerwear with white trousers and slouchy boots with fringed detailing.

It's landing in stores on November 14. Forget doing it online, the website crashes EVERY time one of these collections launches. Go and get in the queue.


  1. I'm not sure if my comment earlier went through - I was attempting to do it on my iphone which is always hazardous! So I shall try again just to be sure!
    I've whittled down my selection to just three items from the collection. I think that's rather restrained?! I was hoping to attempt getting hold of things online, but your warning is well noted. It could be a highly risky strategy. Will you be queuing? Xx

  2. Urgh - I think I may well HAVE to queue as every time I've attempted to buy online..and I'm talking being poised with the mouse as stuff goes live, it still crashes! x

    1. Ugh gosh, avoiding the website sounds like a sensible idea then. Boo.
      Well if you DO decide to queue we could always queue together? It would be fantastical to have a buddy in the queue and definitely reduce the boredom!! Xx

    2. Oh lovely! Well I shall check your plans with you when the big day is looming! In the meantime I shall attempt to save the pennies I'll be desperately in need of... Xx


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