Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Turn Up the Heat!

Yes, it's freezing outside but if you fancy looking ahead to the Summer, might I recommend Missoni's new video.  When I heard the buzz about Pedro Almodóvar being involved in this, naturally Ia ssumed he was directing, but oh no! Instead we see the Bad Education screenwriter taking a cameo role.
"Pedro had told me for years that he was keen to make something with us" explains Missoni creative director Angela Missoni.
"So I asked him this time and he offered to model in the campaign…It is a homage to the Spanish lifestyle with women and girls who love to party and dance into the night. It has been a great experience for all of us"

The Spanish women she is refers to include top model Mariacarla Boscono, Flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena and actresses Rossy de Plama and Blanca Martínez Suárez, all modelling the ruffled designs from Missoni's spring/summer 2012 collection, which are perfect for dancing in and the music..interuppted by some rather heavy breathing and moans.. (be warned..turn the volume down if you're watching this at work) !
Almodóvar and company appeared in front of the lens of director Marco Maccapani for the humorous and conceptual video, which sees stills taken by fashion photographer Juergen Teller interspersed in the style of a beautiful pop-up book.
Naturally the film wouldn't be complete without the Missoni's themselves making an appearance. Look for a trio of Italian brunettes all sporting side partings and you'll discover creative director Angela Missoni (centre), and accessories designer and model Margherita (bottom).
Two of my favourite parts of the video has to be the Parma ham-playing gentleman who pops up for a couple of seconds at around 1.13 minutes in and a model who appears to pluck a long-stememd rose from her nether regions! Enjoy!x

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