Thursday, 16 June 2011

Holiday Wobble (or 'How to look hot on a beach')

Me on holiday...honestly

From Saturday, I have a glorious week in Marrakesh coming up.  Myself, the Boy and a whole bunch of dear friends are in a stunning villa for a week and will be soaking up sunshine, culture and the odd g and t. We are also lucky enough to have a chef on-site and will be making the most of it, although we have booked dinner out on a couple of nights to give the poor man a rest! Expect a full write up of all this on my return but suffice to say I have not purchased everything on holiday wish list.  This wish list changes upon location.  Marrakesh is currently 39 degrees...swoon....

1. Floaty kaftans for pool loungwear - Done! Acquired over the years in bright colours and prints!
2. Maxi dress for wandering around the souks - Nope, everyone I've tried made me look like a 70s reject or dwarf.
3. Decent body oil - Huile Prodigieuse Or by Nuxe purchased in Biarritz last year and (appropriately) Ren's Morrocan Rose Body Oil
4. A sunhat ideally with a wide brim or possibly a panama - No joy whatsoever..but also a bit of an arse to pack. MUST get one for Biarritz later in the year.
5. Selection of easy cotton/ linen/ silk dresses for day or evening - done! Isabel Marant, Topshop, Uniqlo (fab for t-shirt dresses), Zara.
6. Pair of flip flops - bronze metallic thongs that are at least 8 years old but go with everything and are super comfy.
7.  One pair of high shoes for evening - Wooden Zara wedges
8. Topiary - eg. waxing etc to get bikini ready, am booked in for tomorrow!
9.  Comfy bikinis -halter necks and strapless are best on my figure. My favourites are from Moontide (they're reversible so great value for money!) and Vix.
10. Clever accessories - silk scarves and jewellery are the order of the day here.

I'll leave you with these stunning pictures from the iconic Vogue desert shoot in 2002 shot by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.  Faded colours and salvaged materials were combined to create a deserted island vibe that set off the deep tan of Kate’s bare skin. This is the darkest I have seen her and it looks surprisingly natural with her sun-kissed hair – which is a perfect example of how balayage should be done this season.  I've just had it done for my holiday hair and I'm loving it!!

Also before you go calling your spray tan lady asking for the darkest shade, there’s one little thing you need to remember. Fake tans this dark may look great on film, but that doesn’t mean they work in real life. Take my advice and save it for a photo shoot or go on holiday, slap on your sunscreen and go gently golden instead.X


  1. a) I need to see pics of your hair. I have grown out my highlights to achieve this same look and have been trying to convince UK buddies that it's all the rage in New York!
    b) Ditto on the maxi-dress - nightmare!
    c) I gave up on a sunhat as I needed to expose my hair/highlights to some sun. Got a straw wide-brim visor instead. Rolled up lovely in the luggage. Only downside was the fact I looked like a complete wally, but I was going to Florida so figured I'd fit in well!
    d) LOVE YOU!

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