Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wedding Belles

"When I look at my jewels, I realise what a lucky girl I am " Elizabth Taylor, 1932-2011"

 At the weekend I was lucky enough to attend a wedding of some very dear family friends. Weddings always make me feel a bit gooey as well as stressed out beforehand as there are so many factors to contend with; weather, heel height and length of time on one's feet, waistband-dictated by how much you think you might pig out at the buffet/ sit down lunch etc, to hat or not to hat...The list is endless.  Also at most weddings, after seeing the bride glide in I tend to lapse into an elaborate day-dream of my own about my wedding.  If the Boy starts reading this he may go a little green about the gills but he needn't because what my dreams primarily revolve around is THE DRESS.  Here are a few of my favourites and congratulations to the lovely couple! Ladies, if you occasionally drift off into fantasy wedding land, please let me know..Please see Elizabeth Taylor update at the bottom.

Rockstar husband? Check? St Tropez wedding? Check. Iconic outfit by legendary designer? Check.
I loved the originality and fun of Galliano's gown for Gwen Stefani..recently given to the V&A.
Audrey in Funny Face...
..then the epitome of 60s chic at her second marriage.
Lastly, I know everyone makes a fuss over the beautiful Vivienne Westwood dress that Carrie wore in the SATC movie, but for me, it was all about the stunning Dior dress she wore in the fake Vogue shoot.

UPDATE - Have just read the truly sad news about Elizabeth Taylor. As someone who truly knew how to rock a wedding dress, here are a few images of her looking utterly radiant in every one.


  1. A lovely post - and beautiful images of Elizabeth Taylor.

    I think my favourite Carrie wedding outfit was her vintage suit at the very end! I didn't go a bundle on the Vivienne Westwood either I'm afraid! x

  2. Good to see this wedding post!! I too attended one of my friend’s wedding at one of San Francisco wedding venues. Everyone was very happy to see the couple as they looked beautiful. I also loved and enjoyed the event.


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