Friday, 24 September 2010

D & G & Glee!!

It's Friday and I am in a super happy mood.  One of my weaknessess in life is..don't judge me..musical theatre.  It makes me smile, laugh, mime with an imaginary mike, drift off into daydreams that I should have had a life on the stage in Wicked, Les Mis, Jersey Boys..heck ANYTHING! (I include Disney in this as well just to be clear).  Basically rocking out in my car/ bedroom/ bath/ occasionally at my desk if no-one is around to musicals will always brighten up my day so the wonder that is Glee was designed with me in mind.

Ah Glee, how I love thee.  The bitchiness, the singing, Sue Sylvester.  So imagine the level of excitement I felt when I heard that a talent from my other favourite televisual feast (Mad Men) was to combine with the Glee cast plus a few other luminaries for a skit at the Emmys.

Note to self: probably wasn't a sensible thing to watch in a public place as being almost reduced to the foetal position with laughter can generate some odd glances.

So, what else made me smile? The D&G show actually and I can't say I saw the uber florals coming but my golly I liked them.  The clue was in the invitation, which included a packet of flower seeds. At first glance I was thinking Laura Ashley in the 80s but..well...nicer, shinier somehow.  The set was planted with hydrangea bushes, roses climbed trellises and the catwalk was flanked with a grass border dotted with clumps of  primroses.  As Hurts announced from the speakers that we should “never give up, it’s such a wonderful life”, girls tripped down the catwalk in a floral lace dresses, frilled and flounced around the shoulders and hemlines, wide legged clam diggers and pretty midriff-revealing peasant tops.  Sweet tailored shorts came under matching floral jackets and apron fronted mini dresses accessorised with huge checked bags in bright yellow and red and cork platformed boots (worn with thick woolly socks) and wedged heel, perfect for next Summer's garden parties!

Well done boys!X

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