Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lost in the US of A

Wow, have I been off radar! Apologies lovely readers. Frantic work followed by some serious family drama and then off on the trip of a lifetime that the Boy and I have been plotting for quite some time.  My lax posting has largely been to the fact that I have been travelling for the past two weeks with rather sporadic Internet. We flew into LA and will fly out of there too but the rest of the journey has been a road trip - we clocked over a THOUSAND miles today.  I will be posting hotel reviews, restaurant write-ups and general travel notes over the next few days but for now, I wanted to brief you on our itinerary. There have been many highlights and hopefully even more to come. If you follow me on Instagram, I've pretty much been keeping a picture diary of the whole trip so far...All recommendations welcome, we hit Carmel today...

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Yosemite National Park
San Francisco
Big Sur
Santa Barbara
Los Angeles (Santa Monica)

Making new friends in Sin City

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