Sunday, 30 September 2012

Batty (for JW Anderson)

Gosh I've been slow at writing this - the flat building work saga continues and work is busier than Heathrow during the Olympics. Suffice to say that on the day the JW Anderson for Topshop launched, I ran there before work to suss it out and get my hands on a couple of pieces.  I had really wanted the black dress with detachable white collar and cuffs but when I tried it on - well let's just say I looked like I worked in a hotel that rents rooms by the hour.

My two purchases ended up being the gorgeous, hand knitted bat sweater ( I used to go on National Trust bat walks when I was little, yes really) and a fabulous navy blue woollen kilt.  The detailing on the kilt was superb and it was a total bargain at £49.  I could easily have bought a couple more pieces but I knew my bank account was whimpering and I had to seriously peg it to work so a short, targeted shop this was.  Both these purchases form part of my Winter staples and AW wardrobe update which I'll be posting about shortly. I only have one moan..a certain person has TOTALLY copied me.  B*tch.


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