Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marni Mania

The flurry of fashion week is over and London is feeling slightly more Spring like.  I struggle with Spring, especially English Spring because it is so unpredictable.  This is when having a talent for layering really comes into its own.  This is a talent that I don't really possess, indicated by my purchases this week.  I got caught up in the Marni flurry.  Getting up at 3am to queue outside a shop is not really my style but I did spend the majority of my day trying to access the website AND succeeded.  Purchase number one will not be worn until the Summer, but it will certainly bring a pop of colour to my wardrobe!
Purchase number 2 is arguably more 'wearable' and will certainly go between work and play.  It was the lovely green patterned one I REALLY wanted but hey..I'd probably have had to queue the day before to get that one!
Yet again, this probably won't be brought out until Summer proper..if we manage to get one and also neither have actually arrived yet so I'm a bit nervous.  Maybe I'll unwrap them and be totally deflated at the quality, cut etc but I truly hope not.  My Sonia Rykiel at H&M dress was a winning buy and I've worn it heaps.  It's the one in the middle in the picture below.  I love the fact that it's a good quality cotton knit so works in the winter and summer and more importantly, looks exactly how her designs are.  I was in New York when this collection launched and had to talk the manger into letting me have the XS out of the window.  It took all my persuasive powers but I went back three days on the trot until they gave in!
How do you feel about designer and high street collaborations and did you manage to get your mitts on some Marni??!x


  1. I did not get my mitts on any Marni - perhaps I'd had some sort of knock to the head, but nothing quite did it for me, save for a lovely maxi dress I saw online... Is that bad??! I do wonder if I'd been in store and looked around whether I might have been more excited.

    I did the 4am (seriously, it was dark outside) thing for the first ever Kate Moss for Topshop collection - running through the streets of Leeds fearful of being mugged (at best). I was even interviewed and photographed in the queue for the local paper. Pretty spesh I think you'll agree? Those were the days!
    Your new pink shorts will be superb in the summer - congrats on securing them!! XX

  2. I DID love the maxi dress..but I'm still not convinced that they suit me! We'll see when my hoard turns up whether I love it or not..there's always the options to return, fingers crossed!xx

  3. I got the black leather sandals, online, so I haven't seen them yet. My first H&M designer collaboration purchase I think, besides some Sonia Rykiel clothes for my daughter!

  4. Oooh! Let me know what they look like when you get them!x


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