Friday, 8 July 2011

Robes for all Occasions (Potter post)

An exclusive for Milly Fell Into the Wardrobe by Rita Skeeter. Shortly to be published in The Daily Prophet as part of the 'What to Wear When Wizarding' series.
The Boy Who Lived about to dispense fashion advice to his friend, Ron Weasley..who sadly needed it.

As you know, the Muggles have taken our most famous story of The Boy Who Lived and ran with it.*  Whilst their young stars looked great on the red carpet, it seems an appropriate moment to talk about 'wizard style'. Muggles sometimes fail to grasp is that wizards and witches have a definite sense of chic.  Few can carry off facial hair like the late Albus Dumbledore and who can forget when Dobby the house-elf led the Fashion revolution clutching a sock.  

Severus Snape always worked the minimalist look to great effect in severe black robes, cleverly cut with special pockets for wand concealment and the odd vial of potion and though some might shy away from the Death Eaters, in cannot be denied that they had some of the most superb accessories around, melting masks, tattoos and great hair.  It is devastating news that now we shall never know who styled Bellatrix Lestrange's wonderful bouffant.

A dark leader of the pack is the former Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy. An inside source has revealed that when the Dark Lord took over Malfoy Manor, Lucius put many of his robes away in secret storage. Well who can blame him. Style over solidarity some might say.
For the young witches reading this, I feel I simply must put myself forward.  Whether I am taking notes with my quick quotes quill, reporting at a trial or even going about my daily business, my trademark hair, glasses and attire have become rather legendary in the wizarding world, second only to that icon of the twin-set, Dolores Umbridge.

A source from inside the Ministry said, "Dolores was a robes fanatic. She would get samples of pink tweed sent over from Madam Malkins at the beginning of each Season and have her clothes made up to her specific designs. She wore a lot of pink, I think this was to distract from the darkness inside her". That's as maybe dear readers, but few could work the colour like Dolores Umbridge. you know I have a very special relationship with Harry Potter. I was, in fact, the first journalist to write about him and had exclusive access during the Goblet of Fire tournament. 
Quidditch robes in the flattering red of Gryffindor house.

 Potter's style is questionable to say the least, although one is fairly limited in school robes. 
Dressed up for the Slug Club dinner

 Now he has left Hogwarts however perhaps he will be more advenurous in his fashion choices. We can but hope!  Next week, I'll be interviewing Olympe Maxine of Beauxbatons, Giant Fashion - A Big Problem?

Please enter our caption competition for the image below! The prize for the best entry will be dinner for four at The Three Broomsticks!  Good Luck!
A previously unseen picture of Potter exclusively for The Daily Prophet.

*A portion of the profits from the Potter franchise have come to the Ministry of Magic but as they don't deal in wizard gold, it is difficult to know whether the magical community will reap the benefits


  1. About time someone did a post highlighting all the beautiful clothes in the Harry Potter franchise! Well done.

  2. So excited for the last film! I'm going to the cinema tomorrow night for a HP marathon, circa 27 hours of HP films, haha. :p

  3. Such lovely comments, THANK YOU so so much. Heart in Cage, I am consumed with jealousy! Literally counting the minutes down until I see the new film on Saturday with two other Potter fans, might have to do my own marathon and watch each film on dvd each night this week!x


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