Friday, 30 April 2010

Slacks in the City

Slacks or khakis as they’re known..have for me been long associated with various toffs trotting along the Kings Road with their collars up or with rugby boys playing the ‘Iron Stomach’ (don’t ask) in my old university Union. They provided that wonderful middle ground on the minefield of ‘smart casual’. Boys tend to go slightly pale around gills when they hear that particular dress code and with good jeans can look a bit media-type, cords anytime other the Autumn/Winter are going to cook you alive and linen trousers are slightly ‘Man from Del Monte’. However as our season drags its way into Summer I’m starting to think that maybe slacks/ khakis/chinos have potential... and not just for you chaps out there.

Ladies, there was that fleeting flirtation that the fash pack had that combats were cool again (puhlease) but I think the chino look maybe a winner.. From the lovely range of pastel colours in Uniqlo for both sexes to ASOS’s high waisted chinos in pale pink, mint and lavender to the classic Gap slim cut variety, they’re kind of perfect for channelling that Hamptons vibe on this side of the pond. Lighter weight than jeans and..if styled correctly can either be humorously preppy or Shoreditch chic, give them a go. Deck shoes optional.

For a quick lesson in sartorial Upper East side elegance, there's only one man for the job..

No..You're eyes are not deceiving you, he's working the traditional chino with a red tailcoat.

It takes a brave man to work lemon, purple and a pink and blue combo shirt but he's certainly working it.

Chuck felt it was time to spread the gospel of the chino to the next generation...

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