Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Wine..one of the most helpful aids in moving house.

Now we have finished wrestling with IKEA flatpack and done grown up things like bought a new tv and Le Creuset and a sofa etc etc, I can get down to the serious business of nesting.  Nesting can be a full time occupation, it should involve cashmere, hot chocolate/ mulled wine and The Killing box set.  Annoyingly, our internet is not up and running yet so I'm pulling a bit of a sneaky by blogging in my lunch hour at work. Naughty, naughty.

Things I love about the flat so far - mounds of storage, especially wardrobe storage; MY (our) things everywhere, be that Venetian mirrors, the Boy's contemporary art, a store cupboard full of ingredients, having a garden, lots of book shelves...although we still need more!

Things I don't love - ummmm..not having a bath! But I was aware of this and must not whinge. Showers are more energy saving and my best friend lives literally around the corner so I have a tub on demand.

Pre and post move I have certainly been paying more attention to interior design blogs. Aside from the obvious like The Selby and Closet Visit, I've also discovered The Style Files, Ikea Hackers, Apartment Therapy.. especially good if, like me, you like a good nose around people's houses.  Money is a bit tight at the moment as the flat was completely unfurnished. This was wonderful in a way as we can make it completely 'ours' but also a bit 'aaargh..we have to buy everything!!'. It was things like a TV, hoover, organising the Internet etc that came at us a bit out of the blue aside from the obvious sofa, kitchen table and chairs etc.

Having a garden is a real bonus, especially in London.  Ours is paved and a decent size and the previous tenants left us all their garden furniture which was marvellous! I envisage buying lots of herbs and potting them beautifully (as above) but I think it might be more prudent to wait until it gets a bit warmer!

What makes you happy about where you live? I'll get back to fashion soon..today is pay day after all and a small splurge might be in order!


  1. I'm mainly happy to be living just round the corner from you! (Come for baths any time...) Definitely popping over for co-nesting session xxx

  2. We moved into an unfurnished flat and I couldn't empathise with the 'argh we have to buy everything?!?' feeling more! At first you think, how swell it's such a blank canvas! And then you realise the list of things you need is never ending!! But it's all great fun.
    I'd say defo take the time to pick lovely bits and pieces - the temptation is to Ikea your heart out for budget reasons, and then end up replacing it later with better quality things that are more 'you'.
    Very jel of your garden - complete with paving no less! xx

  3. Olivia you are SO right..it was moments like, 'Oh..we don't have a hoover..or a wooden spoon' that were funny, or this weekend when I finally felt it was all coming together and looking nice but when making dinner realised we didn't have a tin opener!!!x


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